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How to get rid of acne at home: masks, tinctures, lotions for acne

izbavlyaemsya ot pryshej domaPimples is a problem, at least once in your life attending any person. And this "visit" is not the most pleasant. Why they appear so early and how to get rid of acne at home?

It is known that the main mechanism of acne is a blockage of the ducts with fat. When it is oxidized by oxygen, are formed point – first white, and then when the seal fat and the contamination of the pores, are black. If the clogged pores become infected, there is inflammation. Sometimes it comes to a painful purulent sores, which are painful even to touch. Then, these ulcers burst, the formation of difficultly healing ulcers, especially if they scratch or tear off the crust.

A favorite place of acne – face and back. Especially frequent recurrence in the period of puberty, increased hormonal activity in the body. The result is a strengthening of the sebaceous glands and the clogging of the pores by sebum.

The wrong skin care aggravates the situation. It requires special gentle cleansing, but instead young men and women are often more hurt the skin. The face must be protected from sunburn, dryness, wind and cold.

But what if you provide normal careand acne becomes less? You try one tool after another, trying to put his hope in life, buy another tool, but all efforts are in vain.

Did you know that it is realistic to remove pimples at home using masks? Of course, the assertion that home remedies will help to cure acne, many can view with skepticism. How so, if you do not help the new-fangled tools, you ask. Very simple. Homemade methods just good that time-tested, and their freshness is provided by you – the skin is getting the care without preservatives and fragrances, the presence of which sin brand manufacturers of cosmetic products.

Follow these rules

To succeed in this business, it is necessary to follow a few rules:

  1. Do not squeeze pimples! Even if you sees the giant eel with a white head that looks like it is laughing at you, overcoming your emotions and do not touch it. This expertise only a professional cosmetologist with sterile instruments. If you did the procedure yourself – can add to the wound infection. The consequences are unpredictable – from scar to blood poisoning.
  2. To prepare decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs should only clean utensils, and raw materials must be purchased at a pharmacy or collected away from highways, because otherwise will only harm.
  3. At the time of discard of the use of decorative cosmetics. Many home treatments begin with steaming the face, and the use of tonal or powder, the pores become clogged. In the treatment of acne this factor only hurt.

Remember that the important perseverance and patience. It is a difficult process – the treatment of acne. The means to pick updifficult, but possible – most importantly, to find "their". Try, experiment, — the benefit that the cost of almost all the components available, and you can find them everywhere.

Masks for acne at home

  1. Grate a small piece of ordinary soap. Add a little water, massage into a rich lather. Next, 1 tbsp. of a foam mix with 1 teaspoon of fine salt, apply the mixture on the skin pre-washed. Keep for half an hour, and then contrasting washing. This homemade mask you need to use 3 times a week for a month. The results will notice on the second week.
  2. Yogurt mask. Grind in a coffee grinder oatmeal to flour. For a glass of ordinary yogurt will need 1 tbsp of oat flour. Stir, add 2 drops of lemon oil. Apply the mixture for 20 min. With this mask you can not only get rid of acne, but also to win the black dots. The course is one month.
  3. But this mask is better to use on weekends, as it just "kills" acne, and has the appropriate smell. Take 1 tsp of grated onion and sugar, add a little grated soap. Keep no more than 15 min, for sensitive skin – 5-10 min Course – 2 months.
  4. Grate the horseradish. Add 2 drops of tea tree oil, apply on face for 20 min. the Skin may be red, but that's okay. Results – in a couple of weeks.
  5. A honey mask. Honey is a natural antiseptic and masks on the basis of this gift of nature is a real miracle. But you have to be confident in the quality of the honey, otherwise the result will be. So, take 2 tsp of honey, add few drops of lemon, egg yolk. Apply for 10 mins after 2-3 treatments you will notice fresher skin color is improved, and the number of pimples decreased. It is important not to stop treatment to consolidate the result.
  6. The mask of badyagi. The only contraindication is a very sensitive skin. In other cases, this mask has not only anti-inflammatory effect, but also tightens the skin. Also open pores, the skin "breathes". Dissolve the powder concoctions with water to a creamy paste and keep on face 10 mins, Rinse with water.

Homemade infusions and lotions from acne:

  1. An infusion of chamomile. This tool is anciently known as a great anti-inflammatory properties, relieves irritation and redness. Importantly, the use of chamomile can and if you have sensitive skin, it rarely causes allergic reactions. To 1 Cup of boiling water will need 1 tsp flowers. Leave for half an hour. Strain. The lotion can be applied in various ways – tonify the face, do warm compresses, or to prepare cubes (it'll make a fine tonic).
  2. Parsley juice. Dilute it with vodka in a ratio of 3:1, wipe your face daily.
  3. The aloe juice. You can wipe your face with a clean juice or dilute it with water in the ratio 1:2.
  4. Place in a bowl of dark glass petals of white lilies, fill them with vodka and let steep for 2 weeks. Strain. Every night wipe infusion the person and after a few days you will notice the first improvements.

Home peels

Another component in the treatment of acne at home – href="http://acne.vsebolezni.com/chistka-lica-ot-pryshhej-v-salone-i-doma-chto-vybrat.html">high quality peel. It is important to get rid of dead skin cells as they don't give to finally get rid of acne. Here is a recipe proven homemade facial scrub. Take 1 tbsp fine coffee, 1 tbsp sour cream, mix and massage the skin with this mixture 2 minutes. Do not strongly RUB the skin with large subcutaneous pimples! Then rinse with warm water. The method can be used once a week.

It is important to note that you should not one day try to redo all the masks and to try all means. The sequence might be: 1 mask and 1 lotion, repeat for a few days, then try the following remedy. We must not forget about proper nutrition – the treatment should be not only external. Eat fewer fatty, fried and smoked – these foods cause inflammation by the accumulation of toxins in the gut that are carried to the skin surface, not having a choice.

Thus, home remedies can provide invaluable assistance in the fight against acne. So, seeing in the face once the acne, do not hurry to run to the pharmacy to once again be disappointed. Look around – most likely in the kitchen or on the windowsill you'll find a tool that will help to remove pimples at home. Don't ignore people's advice – often they are the only ones that are effective.