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Running — a loyal ally in the fight against acne

beg i pryshiHello friends. I congratulate all with past holidays, I hope they bring you only joy, and there were no unpleasant surprises. Today I want to continue in the last article talking about the impact of sports on the condition of our skin, namely, to consider in more detail the relationship between skin condition and running.

As I said, a large part of his success in fighting acne I attribute it to Jogging. As you may recall, the main impetus for the beginning of training was that in the depths of the online information one day I dug up a personal blog of an American girl with problematic skin. Have no idea what motivated her for this act, but in the blog she weekly published photos of his face, starting from the moment when I started to remove the time for regular Jogging. That is, everyone had the opportunity to observe the dynamics of changes of condition of the skin of the hostess blog. So, over time, the situation has significantly improved, moreover, that the girl's face cleared from acne, it also significantly lost weight, became more fresh, and overall very healthy. It was then that I decided to repeat her experiment. Special cost for its implementation is not necessary, except, perhaps, moral-volitional, and the result is very attracted to her.

To run I didn't love since childhood, and I had to make a great effort to force myself not to skip your workouts, and give them 100%. Following the example of American women, I also began to previously taken where weekly added pictures of your face. By the way, we strongly advise you to do it to you, even if this article doesn't push you to Jogging – still, start to previously taken change the state of your face. I can say that its usefulness is very large. You will be able to objectively assess the dynamics of changes of your skin, which is an essential aspect of every treatment. Besides, seeing what has improved since the first pictures you only get the extra motivation and desire to act.

Why running improves skin condition?

Back to the run. Yes, friends, regularly exercising, I also started to notice significant progress in the fight against acne. Significantly decreased number of inflammation, and oiliness of the skin also improved, he just couldn't fail to please me. Of course, I was curious cause of these changes, and I went to rummage the Internet in search of answers to questions. What have I learned? It turns out that the load that a body gets when running, have a significant influence on a hormonal background of an organism is one of the main factors provoking the appearance of acneas teenagers, and most of the acne sufferers in General. When Jogging, there is a "shake-up" and normalization of hormonal background of the organism, which positively affects the skin condition, the productivity of the sebaceous glands, and tone the body as a whole. Moreover to list other aspects of its positive influence on health I might need three such articles: starting with improvements in lung function, and ending with the development of the cardiovascular system – their huge set.

Of course, not one single run. To achieve the desired result, helped me with medications, regular skin care, General hygiene and title="Vitamins Aevitum effective remedy for acne: use, reviews, contraindications" href="http://acne.vsebolezni.com/vitaminy-aevit-effektivnoe-sredstvo-ot-pryshhej.html">vitamin therapy, which we'll talk. However, not the last place in this list I give it a run, and I sincerely advise you to try its effect on himself.

As I explained

Now I'll note about small motivators. As I said, run I never liked completely, and the first time it was very hard to overcome yourself. To diversify training and to contribute to their share of the excitement helped me, oddly enough, technological progress. Or rather a smartphone with the Android operating system on Board, which was established a great program Endomondo. This miracle program is a complete pocket coach, which records and analyzes your results, giving you more incentive to beat them on the next run. It can help to monitor and overcome distance, average speed, schedule on the map and many other interesting things.

And Yes, I am not a marketer or the developer of this program, just genuinely want to share with you this splendor, which can make exercise much more interesting.

With an eye on its experience in the fight against acne, with all responsibility I declare: running is the greatest ally in getting rid of acne. Suggest you discard the laziness and experience it for yourself. Go for it. Good luck!