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Sea salt for acne — all the secrets

morskaya sol ot pryshejSea salt is a natural component, has long been used for cosmetic purposes, including for the treatment of acne.

Acne bring some inconvenience and anxiety often people having oily skin. In such a case, in addition to simple dirt and dust are added and more intensive work of the sebaceous glands that leads to the inevitable appearance of inflammation.

Today environment is very contaminated. In the cities the air is filled with road dust, exhaust gases and smog generated from the factories. And this is directly reflected on our skin. So nowadays the actual problem was the appearance of pimples because of the bad effects of environmental pollution.

It's great for acne sea salt. It is known that it can regulate oiliness of the skin and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It's reminiscent of the scrub, gently cleansing the pores from different fat accumulations, thereby eliminating the appearance of acne.

Sea salt is made up of different minerals that nourish the skin healing substances.

Another no less important feature – naturalness. It is the basis of many cosmetics meant for skin care. This and various body scrubs and face and the special tools-peels, designed for cleansing oily and sensitive skin.

Reviews cosmetologists about the benefits of this miraculous component exceed all expectations:

Sea scrubs are great clean the skin. The skin is visibly softened and acquires a natural healthy. Scrubs gentle enough not irritate the skin.

The effect of scrubs with sea salt immediately apparent after the first application. Your skin begins to "Shine", gaining a matte finish. Becomes elastic and elastic. Long lost Shine.

How to apply


For lotions in strict proportions preparing a solution of sea salt. To one Cup of water – 1 teaspoon of salt. To enhance the effect of the solution, you can drop a bit of tea tree oil. In the solution it is necessary to moisten a cotton pad and applying it on pre-washed face.

Such gadgets need to keep about half an hour. Then the face should be rinsed with warm water. After use of lotions, it is not desirable for some time to touch your face with your hands. This files most often as a result of such procedures acne disappear in a week. If it is not possible to buy sea salt, it can easily replace conventional cooking.

Bath with sea salt

The use of such baths are very effective against acne forming on the body. It is best to take these baths in the evening before bedtime as they are relaxing and promote calm, deep sleep. For one bath you will need 1 kg of salt. Be sure to check the water temperature. It should be around 37 degrees, the hot tub, it is undesirable to apply.


Scrub easy to cook by yourself. To do this, mix liquid soap and sea salt. Apply the prepared scrub smooth movements, gently massage, to avoid being scratched leather large crystals. After that, rinse off the scrub with water.

The price of sea salt is low, it makes it affordable for home use means.

Using sea salt to fight acne, remember that this is only one of the main components included in the complex treatment.To get rid of them using only one of salt is impossible. In addition, you need to watch your diet and exercise, and to take special vitamins for the skin.