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How to effectively apply the pain of pimples and spots after acne: instruction and feedback

badyaga ot pryshejBadyaga or fresh – water sponge- freshwater elementary belonging to the genus of coelenterates sponges. Lives at the bottom of freshwater ponds with clean water. Badyaga rid of zits and spots after acne, and has long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of local seals – infiltration, haematoma, stasis pigmentation, seborrhea. In cosmetics is used in the form of an ointment, gel or powder, which is obtained by drying and grinding the sponge. Powder concoctions has a gray-green color, has a specific unpleasant smell.

The effect of badyagoy to the skin

Badyaga has a strong exfoliating and resolving action. When applied to the skin of various cosmetic products with a fresh-water sponge in the form of masks, scrub or gel:

  1. The local increase of blood circulation;
  2. Removal of dead superficial cells of the epidermis;
  3. Cleansing and narrowing the pores;
  4. Resorption of pigment spots after acne.

In addition to all the above increases the oxygen saturation of the skin, are formed biologically active substances and aktiviziruyutsya redox reaction that is visually evident rejuvenation.

Methods of use

In any pharmacy badyagu can be purchased in the form of dry powder (the price 30 — 50 roubles), and also happens to be commercially ready gel, for example, "Badyaga Forte" or "Badyaga 911 (price 70 — 100). Those who have never used this cleanser for acne, you should try to use a gel, which is softer, more gentle in comparison with the dry powder. It should be applied to the most affected acne areas of the skin with a thin layer, we can point.

To combat pimples more effectively use badyagi powder. Before use, the powder is mixed with hydrogen peroxide to form a pasty mass. Which is applied a thin layer of light, gentle movements on the skin. You should not try to RUB it, as the burning sensation will increase and may cause irritation. After application, mass, leave for 10-15 minutes. Thus there is a slight tingling, sensation of heat through increased blood circulation.

Rinse the mixture from the face should be very carefully and thoroughly. First, remove the mass flowing lightly cotton pad, trying not to RUB and put pressure on the skin. Thereafter, the face should be rinsed with cool water, avoiding getting water in the eye. When injected concoctions in the eye or nasal mucosa, rinse with plenty of water to stop the burning.

In addition to hydrogen peroxide, you can use white clay and talc mixed in a ratio of 1 part fresh-water sponge, 3 pieces of white clay and 1 part of talc. The resulting mixture was diluted to a pasty mass with water and applied to the face in the same way as in the above embodiment.

After application, the skin you can apply a light nourishing cream, which is especially effective. The facial skin for some time will be congested, so this procedure should be carried out in the evening.

To use the options only in the periods of low solar activity in the autumn-winter period. After you apply, you must use a face cream with a high level of protection from ultraviolet radiation.

In the course of treatment requires 5-10 treatments. After using thissubstances the skin becomes fresh, smooth, dissolve small scars, spots after acne.

The pain can also be used for hair care, which helps to reduce excessive oiliness of the hair, to make them Shine. The powder is mixed with hydrogen peroxide and applied to the skin of the scalp in partings. After that the head should wear a protective hat, and wrap with a towel. The mixture is left on hair for 30 minutes, then wash off with warm water, making sure that particles do not fall on mucous membranes and eyes. The use of this algae helps to get rid of dandruff, excessive sebum and itching.


Like any tool, has a therapeutic effect, pain has both indications and contraindications. The application should be appointed strictly individually, taking into account characteristics of portability.

Before procedure it is necessary to conduct a test on the sensitivity, as it can develop severe allergic reaction. For the test you need to apply a small amount of gel or powder that can be mixed with hydrogen peroxide or boric alcohol, on the inner surface of the forearm. The area of the skin for the application of pre mix should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water. The drug should be kept on the skin for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water. Allowed the appearance of small transient redness, tingling for 30 minutes to 2-3 hours. To observe the skin should be within 1-2 days. If there is pronounced irritation, redness, local itching to use the drug.

In addition to allergies, contraindications to use are:

  1. Very thin, sensitive skin, prone to irritations;
  2. Dry, dehydrated, flaky skin;
  3. The presence of acne in the stage of acute inflammation;
  4. Hypertrichosis, that is, the tendency to excessive owolosenie.

Intense absorbing action when the inflamed acne leads to a widespread inflammation and only aggravates the skin condition. In the presence of acne, the use of entanglement is valid only without inflammation and helps to remove all of their consequences in the form of small scars, age spots.

When using badyagi, remember that the smallest of its particles in contact with mucous membranes, conjunctiva, causing severe burning and irritation. Cannot be applied to the eyelids and around the eyes.

The use of badyagi highly efficient, but still requires special care. Before its application it is advisable to consult a dermatologist about the need for and possible contraindications.