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How to get rid of acne on my forehead forever and what causes their appearance

pryshi na lbuEvery person once in my life encountered such a problem like pimples on my forehead. Looks like they are not aesthetically pleasing, in addition, the skin in the forehead prone to acne, as there is a large number of sebaceous glands. What are the main reasons for their occurrence and how to deal with them? This and many other things You will learn after reading the article.

The main causes of acne on forehead

It is clear that by themselves acne can not bear any threat to Your health, but they are unpleasant defect on Your skin. In addition, they can say that Your body is not all right. Usually acne in the forehead bother people in adolescence and early adulthood. And in severe cases can cause shyness and complexes of a young man.

Over the causes of acne can be different, however they appear precisely when they are least expected. How to deal with pimples, which appeared on the eve of an important event? How to treat them? To help yourself easily, however, it is important to know why they appear and some of the techniques that are available to everyone. The main thing here is not to pee in a hurry mistakes that will only worsen the situation.

It is important to remember that acne not only on my forehead, but also on other parts of the body is primarily a reaction to negative processes that occur in Your body. Therefore, as mentioned above, to start a fight, it is important to understand the reason.

To start analyze the nature of acne. If they poured one at a time and occasionally, to cope with them will not be easy. Quite another matter if the acne regular and abundant – in this case, most likely, You will need professional help.

Here are some of the causes of pimples on forehead:

  • The imbalance in the intestines;
  • Malfunction of the gallbladder or pancreas;
  • The use of certain medication;
  • Improper facial hygiene.

Let us consider these cases separately.

If the cause of acne was imbalance in the gut, You first need to start eating healthier. At the time You'd better give up fat and sweet, or at least limit the amount of these products. Coffee and tea are better be replaced by freshly squeezed juices. Not only fruit, but vegetable, as the latter are also rich in vitamins.

Another great way to organize the work of Your intestines is to drink in the morning on an empty stomach a Cup of yogurt. If all this is ineffective for You, you can drink a course of drugs, such as "Linex" or bifidumbakterin – these medicines are perfectly normalize the bowels. Eat more foods that contain fiber such as vegetables and fruits raw, oatmeal. Do not forget about meat, but not fatty varieties – for example, meat, Turkey, rabbit, chicken and so on.

Also cause small pimples can be a malfunction of the gallbladder or pancreas. In this case, it is useless and unsafe to self-medicate it is better to go to an experienced gastroenterologist, who will prescribe You a treatment.

Sometimes acne can be caused by long reception of some medicinal preparations , such as SUPPLEMENTS, oral contraceptives, hormonal agents, antibiotics, vitamins.

In any case, to understand where they came from, it is better to seek a competent doctor who will prescribenecessary examination and only after this course of treatment.

However, there are cases when people simply do not know how to correctly care for your skin – it can also cause acne.

It will help You some tips:

  • Do not abuse the frequent washing and cosmetic procedures.
  • Use only those means that are suitable for Your skin type;
  • Use only quality-tested cosmetics, which will not cause irritation and acne.

How to get rid of them quickly and permanently

Useful tips

Sometimes acne is easier to prevent than to treat. There are some rules that, if observed regularly, can help avoid their occurrence.

  • Every day should be started with a glass of cold boiled water. Using this "means" the body as it begins to function – it increases vitality, furthermore, it gets rid of toxins.
  • In the water intended for washing, you can add a few drops of lemon which will help to dry the skin.
  • In the morning, be sure to wipe the face with ice prepared in the freezer the night before. Ideally, this should not even be water, and the decoction of plantain, mint, or chamomile.
  • Regular use of face masks in Your case will help to saturate the skin with useful substances, to dry it and to remove or at least reduce the inflammation.

Masks from acne on the forehead

Also a great option would be the mask, made by people's recipes. For example, you can take the oatmeal and pour it a glass of boiling water, and then apply on face as a mask for half an hour. The best mask you can get, mix grated on a fine grater carrots and cottage cheese, which is as necessary to keep the half hour.

The best option would be the use of aloe Vera, which grows in almost every apartment. The juice of this wonder plant stimulates the skin and soothes it. Masks of this plant are very useful for those whose skin is prone to rashes. And is better to use the lower leaves of the aloe, previously kept them in the fridge for two weeks. During this time, aloe accumulate large quantities of biostimulants.

Here are just some masks of aloe, is designed for the forehead:

  • Aloe leaves crushed and then mix 1 tbsp with 2 tbsp of warm honey. Apply on forehead for half an hour.
  • Aloe leaves crushed, then mix with a few drops of lemon juice and egg protein. Apply in several layers, each time allowing to dry. Mask to keep at least twenty minutes.

But most importantly – remember that pimples can cope, but no one day. So be patient and go for it!