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Whether to treat acne with antibiotics?

antibiotiki ot pryshejCurrently, antibiotics for acne are the most popular tool in the fight for clear skin among young people. Primarily, this is due to the fact that they are guaranteed to help to cope with acne in no timeI.

Antibiotics against acne are for external use and for oral administration. The mild form of acne choose drugs local action, but with a more severe course of acne it is better to choose a medicine in the form of tablets or injections.

Remedies for external use

For external application are widely used the following tools:

  • "Zener — pimple ointment with the antibiotic erythromycin, which has long established itself as a highly effective tool for dealing with acne.
  • "Differin"cream with antibiotics, where the main component is the substance adapalene from a class of retinoids.
  • "Skinoren" — an effective gel or cream that contains azelaic acid.

Tools for internal use

For use inside of the following drugs:

  • "Cinestar" — combination drug, is a mixture of tretinoin and erythromycin. Suitable for daily use. Effective in 30% of cases.
  • "Benzamycin" — a mixture benzoilperoksida and erythromycin. The drug must be taken within two weeks. When taking this drug, it is necessary to simultaneously carry out the procedure for moisturizing the skin (masks) because the drug has a negative impact on the skin – dries and tightens it.
  • "Zener"is a universal antibiotic against skin inflammations, based on a mixture of zinc acetate and erythromycin. Positive reviews about this drug say about its effectiveness in the treatment of acne, but the result of such treatment remains extremely long.

Neutralize the side effects of antibiotics

Of course, antibiotics work quickly and efficiently. For example, erythromycin, which is included with almost all the known remedies against acne, can in a few days of use to get rid of acne.

However, experts recommend acne treatment with antibiotics accompanied with intake of the prebiotic, dairy products, and intake of antifungal agents. To consume dairy products needed daily and at least 0.5 liters. Also to maintain the balance of the skin need to use various cosmetic products based on medicinal herbs and extracts.

Remember that you choose the right tool for the acne treatment will help only a specialist, so should not get involved self-selection of drugs to fight acne.

Effects of the use of antibiotics against acne

Do not forget that antibiotics are not vitaminsand do serious drugs that can cure one problem and reward instead of another.

The most frequent negative consequences of their useinclude:

  • Disorders in the liver. It ceases to operate normally and to rid the body of toxins and poisons thus the body becomes susceptible to intoxication. The liver loses the ability to accumulate a substance – glycogen, with the result that people can put on weight, experiencing constant hunger, to irritation.
  • Immunodepression. Under the action of antibiotics, which are part of almost all media suffers from the intestinal flora, in which just to be a big part of the immune cells.
  • Allergic reactions to the medication or ointments, which are accompanied by such skin reactions like swelling, itching, redness, peeling.

It should be noted that the treatment of acne with antibiotics is powerful and effective, but temporary and does not eliminate the problem permanently. So in 30% of cases acne appear again, and sometimes in a more severe form.

Thus, the use of antibiotics for the treatment of acne, has its positive and negative sides, but in any case, before taking any decision, you should consult with a specialist, to still help your body, not hurt.