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Acne during pregnancy — to treat or to endure?

pryshi pri beremennostiPregnancy is definitely a wonderful phenomenon which many couples look forward to, excitement and SITENAME hopes. A reason to worry, indeed, exist. What are some of the acne during pregnancy, the occurrence of which is considered to be an inevitable sign of incipient changes in a woman's body. Naturally, expectant mothers, and concerned about their appearance, begin to think about how to get rid of them during this period. But, as the saying goes, "the enemy must know in person". Therefore, the more you know about the causes of acne and how to combat them, the better. Indeed, in this complex for the body time, not every tool may be appropriate.

But first of all you need to know two facts about acne during pregnancy:

  1. If before pregnancy you had problematic skin, or sometimes rashes and showed a tendency to increased secretion, in the "interesting position" the likelihood that the skin condition will worsen, unfortunately, increases.
  2. If you didn't bother earlier, pimples and acne on the face, it does not exclude that they will appear during pregnancy. Just decreases the likelihood of problems.

Interesting fact: in the old days as the skin was determined by the sex of the baby said that if she got worse, a girl. If the face was clean – that is "promised" to a boy.

But whatever spoke, and pleasant little acne. Why did they appear?

Causes of pimples during pregnancy

  1. Intermittent intermittent hormonal changes. Rapidly increasing levels of progesterone, which is the "main" in the process of starting production of sebum. Because of him, and pimples.
  2. Dehydration of the body. During pregnancy, this process is faster: if you do not drink water in sufficient quantity, the hormones remain undiluted, and this provokes the activation of sebum.

Acne most often occur in the first trimester – that is when the range of fluctuation of hormone levels the most extensive. Many anxious women are interested in the question, will there be any inflammation after childbirth?

It depends on individual differences. For some women, they disappear after the first trimester, others cope with their problem after giving birth, others continue to fight an external enemy for a long time. This is largely due to the content of the female hormone estrogen.

To completely prevent acne during pregnancy is impossible – because it is unknown how the body will react to any subsequent changes. And even the doctor will not tell you this with 100% probability. You can pay attention to genetic factors: if your mother or grandmother was a pimple while waiting for the baby, it is possible that they will appear and you.

How to treat acne during pregnancy?

For a start, consult a dermatologist. If the rash is mostly caused by hormonal changes, the majority of ointments, creams, lotions and masks will not bring the desired effect. In addition, the use of a number of components not recommended for pregnant women, as it can damage the fetus. For example, you cannot apply the funds to salicylic acid (in the suction can disrupt the circulatory system of the fetus).

You can use cosmetics that contain fruit and alpha-acids, glycolic acid. If you use any herbal or natural remedies to pre-consult with your doctor.

General recommendations for pregnant women that will help in the fight against acne

  1. Eat freshvegetables and fruits, and crisp cereal. Increase the protein content in food. About the smoked meat, fatty products, it is best to forget.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Don't touch and don't squeeze blackheads – will spread the infection and make it worse. Remember that during pregnancy the immune system is weakened, and the fact that you could previously squeeze without consequences, will now heal for a long time.
  4. Wash properly – with a special tool. Avoid delays excess fat on the face.
  5. Check the condition of the digestive system – poor performance of the intestine contributes to the development of inflammation on the skin.

For acne prevention, you can use the following mask – just mash the product and apply on face for 15 minutes.

  1. Strawberry;
  2. Apricot;
  3. Raspberry (best by adding a few drops of lemon juice);
  4. Grape.

Contraindicated for pregnant women:

  1. Antibiotics (Zineryt)
  2. Peroxide benzene;
  3. Steroids;
  4. Aromatic steroids.

About these components you can read in the instructions of the drug.

Do not be discouraged if acne does not hurry to leave. Remember that this is a temporary phenomenon, but pregnancy is a miracle that can't spoil nothing.