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Smoking and acne — is there a connection?

kak proishodit otravlenie kozhi posredstvom nikotina, pochemu kurenie i acne is often associated with each other, as cause and symptom? So, breathing in the toxic smoke cigarettes or caustic substances rapidly penetrate through the lungs into the bloodstream, where they begin their insidious thing: poison carbon monoxide all organs of human life. Not the exception and becomes the skin. Harmful compounds mercilessly "burn" the oxygen that provides the body with vitamins needed for healthy and clean skin. With each puff this process is increasingly gaining momentum, not to mention long-standing addiction to nicotine a drug. The result: the skin begin to "choke" without oxygen and vitamins that will eventually lead to their deep intoxication and occluded. And this, in turn, becomes the root cause of acne.

If the power of habit is stronger...

Mention may be acne from Smoking, from the medical point of view everything is clear. How to help if the dependency is stronger than the desire to say goodbye to acne? Holding constant caring cosmetic procedures and the correct mode of the day, what is essentially, the minimum contribution in favor of beauty, which can be done. These include:

  • sufficient consumption of pure water, it will help to cleanse the blood of toxins and rather remove them from the body;
  • eating more fresh plant foods (fruits and vegetables), it will help get rid of toxins and nourishes the body with vitamins;
  • physical exercises to eliminate oxygen starvation;
  • external use cleansing lotions and regular use of beauty masks, cleansing the pores, examples of formulations masks for acne:
    1. banana, honey, tea tree oil;
    2. the mask of crushed parsley;
    3. honey with mashed tomatoes.

In practice, when a person deliberately said goodbye to addiction, often found the opposite problem, when the skin begins to respond to Smoking cessation rash as acne. What is happening and why, in fact, because the body becomes cleaner, and therefore the condition of the skin should improve?

Acne after quitting Smoking – a fairly common pathology, often of a temporary nature, as the result of a sharp blocking of entrance of nicotine. Known, nicotine is most that eat the drug that causes the addiction is not only psychological plan. The body, day by day, receiving the toxic substances Willy-nilly accustomed even to bad, its biological rhythm changed, is changing and changing functioning of the organs. Everything changes: the composition of blood and hormonal indicator of the condition of the vessels and organs, metabolism, etc. When you cancel the admission of poisonous substances, there is a kind of stress, in other words, the restart in the correct mode. Now the whole system of the body needsfully purified and used to the new rhythm.

Quit Smoking. Where are the pimples?

The emergence of acne in the rejection of cigarettes due to several reasons, including:

  1. The time of epithelial compensation. It is known that smokers differ from healthy people, symptom of narrowed blood vessels, which causes reduced secretion of the skin. In case of refusal from harmful habits sebaceous glands in the epithelial tissues begin to work with excessive activity, releasing too much fat. This leads to the clogging of pores and formation of acne and blackheads.
  2. Hormonal failure. The endocrine system is closely linked with the nervous system. If you cancel the Smoking nervous system due to non-receipt of drugs begins to run uncontrollably. It turns out hormonal imbalance: the content of certain hormones are abnormal in the direction of increase or, on the contrary, decrease.
  3. Allergic crisis. A fairly common cause of exacerbation of chronic dermatological diseases allergic nature, which is characterized by sores and inflammation.

Negative effects of cigarette smoke on the skin – not a random hypothesis, and has long been studied, with full confirmation by dermatologists, is an axiom. Can be acne from the cigarette and during Smoking, and at the time of breaking a bad habit? One answer: they can. How to help the skin to get rid of a cosmetic disease? Get rid of those dependencies, this is the first condition on the path to a clean, perfect skin. Hygiene and a healthy lifestyle, the next step. And after 2-3 months will not only improve the condition of the skin and the whole body will feel unprecedented strength, courage and ease!