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How to squeeze a pimple correctly — changes yourself!

kak pravilno vydavit prysh"Pimples squeeze not!" — condemn the doctors giving the parting words suffering from this disease. No wonder luminaries of medicine warned about the undesirable consequences of this action – uncontrolled squeezing pimples can lead to very disastrous results. The question of whether this is akin to philosophical reasoning: opinions differ, and the relevance is not lost.

How to squeeze a pimple correctly

  1. To start, thoroughly wash hands. Make sure under your nails are free of dirt is very important. Naturally, it is better to avoid contact of the fingers and nails with inflamed skin, but if it still happens, then the likelihood of irritation and infection is greatly reduced.
  2. Clean the skin with antibacterial agent (lotion or gel). When you squeeze acne, you open the gate for infection, which can penetrate very quickly. If the microorganisms can settle in the wound and spread around, then it heals faster. Definitely need to remove makeup, dirt, sweat, sebaceous glands.
  3. Make an easy exfoliation in the area of inflammation to remove dead skin cells. But do not RUB the area of the pimple with a hard scrub or a rough sponge will only hurt him and will achieve even greater inflammation with scar. Just apply on the treated place of the usual salicylic acid, better blotted movements. Gently RUB this area for a few minutes, not more.
  4. Put the gloves on. Do not touch acne with your nails. You can pre-purchase a special tool with a small loop – it will distribute the pressure on the edges of education.
  5. Find the center of the spot (i.e. the top), hold with fingertips over the skin on each side. Note: do not squeeze the fingers toward each other, as many do! This is a mistake. Need slight pulling motion to achieve separation of pimple from the skin. Then very gently massage the skin around to out the remaining pus, however, do not touch the acne. In case you receive a drop of blood, then you are too much squeezed the skin and formed ranks. She can turn into scar tissue, so try not to make the extra effort.
  6. After you squeeze a pimple, treat the entire area of inflammation with antiseptic to prevent the spread of infection. When will all the pus, very effective to cauterize the wound with a decoction or tincture of calendula. Wait until appear a clear liquid – this indicates that pus in the pore no.
  7. Some days it is necessary to cauterize the area acne to slightly dry it. If there was a crust, it is impossible to pull, this leads to scarring. Excellent tool for processing common options. It not only disinfects, but also frees the skin from dead cells. In any case, after extrusion, do not apply oily cream or cosmetics – inflammation, which you try to hide, will flash with new force. During the day several times, wipe your face with a cleanser and avoid its pollution. Here is a video of squeezing pimples.


If acne is very durable, at least they can pierce the sterilized needle. Disinfect a thin needle with alcohol, bring to the open fire, and hold about ten seconds. Give her a little cool. Carefully pierce the side, otherwise the high risk of damage to the skin.

One last tip: it is best if you consult with the dermatologist is acne, causes of, too. Maybe the doctor will tell you the only right solution which will be a great alternative to the endless, torturous squeezing.

What is the danger of squeezing pimples?

  1. Violated the integrity of the skin;
  2. Greater risk of getting an ugly scar on the former site of acne;
  3. Entering the skin bacteria;
  4. The spread of infection by penetration of the infected fluid through the skin layers;
  5. Getting an infection in the bloodstream;
  6. Complications in the treatment of rash;
  7. Scarring and spots on the skin.

Most interesting is that usually the ones who pressure the acne, you know about those consequences, but I prefer to put the matter to chance, not wanting to wait for independent aging. So, if you decided to squeeze, it is necessary to know some subtleties, not to hurt yourself even more. But first, remember that this refers only to the so-called "whiteheads" — having a white tip with liquid of subcutaneous pus.

Caution! Be careful in any manipulation in the region of nasolabial triangle! This place is considered the most dangerous to extrude, as it is from here that originate capillaries going to the brain – any unsuccessful procedure can be fatal!

Eels that look different extrusion "are not subject" — you will only spread the bacteria on the skin or worse, will only drive acne deeper into the skin. The most common mistake – the manipulation of immature acne. About her regrets most people. In this respect, patience, only patience, as the fat man Carlson. Yes, you say, he somehow did not have acne, and what to do if hands are so itchy to "chase" it?

Remember that some acne is not ready to extrude at all. It is a painful internal pimplesnever appear on my face – just a slight redness. They dissolve on their own, without disturbing major eruptions. They should not touch it, as from hidden, they can become explicit and huge. And you don't need it.

Attention! In any case can not squeeze acne cysts! These formations are commonly found in severe acne, very painful, deep and hard. If they move, it is possible to spread of infection until the soft tissue cellulitis (diffuse inflammation with lesions of the subcutaneous tissue). It spreads very rapidly, can even be affected vital organs. And that's not to mention the cosmetic effects of rough scars. Acne cysts are treated onlya qualified doctor.

So now you know about acne, which is not necessary to press. Then it's time to learn about what to do with Mature acne, the top of which proudly adorns the white pus head.