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What to do if You have a lump on the neck?

zhirovik na sheeWen (lipoma) is a benign neoplasm composed of adipose tissue and often underneath the skin.

It is a painless movable ball. But if it is formed on the neck, it can give the person the following disadvantages:

  1. Cosmetic defect. With age, the size of the lipoma can grow, and in such a prominent location is an additional cause for concern.
  2. Discomfort while wearing tight clothing.

Causes of

The causes of the formation of lipomas, is not completely established. But the most credible ones are the following factors:

  1. Heredity. Genetically programmed metabolic disorders can cause malfunction of the sebaceous glands;
  2. The primary lesion of the hypothalamus. It most often occurs as a result of craniocerebral trauma or infectious diseases of the CNS (e.g., meningitis). Against this background, disturbed hormonal regulation of fat metabolism;
  3. Menopause. It also leads to hormonal imbalance in a woman's body and is able to provoke the emergence of Wen.

As a result of these violations occurs, a limited expansion of adipose tissue is a lipoma.


Despite the fact that the lump is not dangerous to human health, the disease requires appropriate treatment. A trusted popular recipes, and to eliminate the cosmetic defect various tools are used (cinnamon, juice of aloe and celandine, grilled onions, etc.). But we should not recklessly experiment with his body. Only a specialist can safely and effectively resolve this problem.

It is important to remember that the rapid growth lipoma — a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor!

Modern medicine has a lot of opportunities in this area. But regardless of the chosen method of treatment is required make a short survey. It consists of 2 procedures:

  1. Puncture (diagnostic puncture) Wen;
  2. Ultrasound of lipoma.

These studies are needed in order to confirm that the formation of the neck — namely Wen.

Ways to remove Wen

  1. Classic surgical. For the operation at small sizes Wen choose local anesthesia, and at large — General anesthesia. Surgeon through a small incision squeezes the contents of the lipoma, and then carefully scrape its capsule. The drawback of this method for the treatment of lump on the neck is the presence of scar. After surgery, patients are advised to undergo routine checkups 2 times a year.
  2. Laser surgery. This bloodless method allows you to remove Wen almost painless. The wound after surgery, heal in a very short time, and after 2 weeks, in its place there remains no visible defects. Therefore, the operation by laser is widely used for the removal of Wens on the neck. Another advantage of this method is the absence of relapse (re — formation of the lip at the same place).
  3. Puncture-aspiration method. The lipoma is injected, a special needle, and after she removed all the internal contents. The main disadvantage of this method is associated with the abandonment of the capsules, and this may cause subsequent the growth of fat tissue.
  4. If the size of the lipoma is less than 3 cm, it is possible conservative treatment. Under ultrasound control in benign education through a fine needle introduced special absorbable drug. Effectdevelops gradually, and the lipoma disappears completely after about 3 months after the procedure.

If the treatment is conducted in a timely and professional doctors, there are no adverse consequences for the organism will not be.