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Why on hands pimples and how to quickly get rid of?

pryshi na rukahOur body is a mystery and many of its manifestations such as pimples on the hands is not always possible to reliably explain. The reasons for such unpleasant rashes can be very diverse and depend on many internal as – a violation of metabolism, total body imbalance, hereditary diseases, and external factors such as contact with chemical substances or synthetic materials.

The main reasons

To deal with such unpleasant manifestations in the skin, you must know the root cause of the problem.

Experts identify a number of core causes of pimples on arms:

  • Allergic reaction to medications or chemicals;
  • Infectious disease (chickenpox, rubella or measles), which is accompanied by high fever and hands can appear characterized by watery pimples;
  • The metabolic disorders caused by imbalance in the body or violation of normal work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Fungal disease caused by infection through small wounds or cracks in the skin and accompanied by a scattering of pimples around the affected area;
  • Hereditary diseases in which quite suddenly appear and does not disappear for a long time small pimples on the hands of the hypodermic type, which gradually spread throughout the body;
  • Not adhering to basic personal hygiene and as a consequence of infection in minor damage to the skin and result in bacterial growth;
  • Drastic hormonal changes in adolescence or in puerperium in women, caused by an increase in sebaceous glands;
  • Psychological factor, which can be caused by the fact, that people subconsciously trying to pull away from the outside world, or simply suffered any nervous shock.

Tips which help

Often people with any health problems are still trying to do without the help of professionals, and to self-medicate. If we are talking about the rash on the hands, it is very often chosen for the treatment of antibacterial drugs for local application. However, their use does not guarantee that the problem will be solved, but can give any positive effect. In case if You are a supporter of any health problem, even the small cold, to solve with the help of antibiotics, the chances of getting a positive result from the treatment of acne using antimicrobial drugs is greatly reduced and is reduced almost to a minimum.

Thus, to get rid of pimples on your hands and do not harm your body, there are a few tips:

  • In the first place, be was not a rash on the hands, still the right decision would be to hire a specialist who can not only advise how to remove the unpleasant symptoms and prescribe the correct treatment and advice how to avoid such negative phenomena;
  • Secondly, to improve the condition of the skin must not forget multivitamin preparations with high content of such vitaminsas A and C that best affect the General condition of the skin;
  • Thirdly, you can use people's advice is application on affected skin juice href="http://acne.vsebolezni.com/aloe-ot-pryshhej-maski-iz-soka-aloe.html">aloe or grated potato.

Finally, the last tip. If you doubt the cause of pimples on the hands and there is a suspicion of any infectious disease in which self-medication can only aggravate the situation, still contact your doctor who will be able to provide expert assistance.