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Learn to use rid from acne right

chistotel ot pryshejAcne treatment is known to be an actual problem any time. For many centuries people have been trying to fight them by all available means, starting with conspiracy to laser treatment. Today we have at hand a variety of means. Indeed, the fight against acne has a large army, which also includes folk remedies. They were used by our ancestors for the treatment of many diseases.

Even then started applying the celandine from acne, warts and various skin inflammations, and very successfully. He is currently loved by many generations for the speed of action and efficiency, and most importantly – the treatment is cheap and affordable. Celandine can be bought in every pharmacy, and it grows almost everywhere.

Despite the amazing properties of this plant, its medicinal properties against skin diseases little is known. Think about it – the name celandine has received for its miraculous properties. For centuries it herbal teas and tinctures are used worldwide to clear the skin from acne, eczema, inflammations, allergic reactions, rashes, dermatitis. "It gives the purity of the body" — said by our ancestors, keeping in mind that the plant removes it from the signs of the disease.

But we must remember that this plant is considered poisonous, and inaccurate dosing may occur serious consequences (especially to the inside). Can even be fatal. Fortunately, in the fight against acne do not need to drink the infusion – the infusion would do well outside.

What is special about the plant — methods of application

The amazing properties of this plant are based on the particular composition. It is balanced in such a way that is ideal for inflamed skin. When pimples use grass celandine, which contains 2.3% alkaloids and 4% of organic acids. It is rich in vitamins, so necessary for the skin, acids (malic, citric, succinic), they are very popular in cosmetics for treatment of skin diseases.

Celandine can be used in various forms. Squeeze some pure juice and applied on the skin, others prepare the infusion or decoction. The method of preparation can be very different – it all depends on skin type.


2 tablespoons of celandine herbs (dried) pour on boiling water in quantity of 0.5 l and let stand for a couple of hours. Then strain and use when wiping the face. Celandine acts by absorption through the skin, so the longer the lotion is on the face the better.

Of course, do not particularly zealous, rubbing face hour. The best option – 5-10 minutes. The ideal time to apply – in the evening when you go to bed. Before the procedure, you need to carefully clean your skin as you normally would.


When you need to get rid of pimples and skin problem mask celandine are a great solution. The mask is particularly notable because of its composition, you can enter the provided components for each skin type.

For dry skin better apply a nourishing mask. It is done so. The egg yolk must be mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil, and then add 10 drops of juice of celandine. This mask nourishes the skin, softening it and effectively fights acne and pimples, at the same time lighten dark spots.

If you have oily or combination skin with multiple lesions, you need a drying therapy.
Take 2 medium cucumber, a handful of fresh herbs of celandine and a glass of vodka. Chop the cucumbers, put them together with grass in a glass jar and cover with vodka.Put the jar in a dark place for 2 weeks. After this time the composition is ready. Moisten cotton pads the resulting infusion and apply on the face for 5 minutes every day. After this, you have to apply any moisturizer.


Well established in the treatment of pimples and blackheads water tincture of celandine. For its preparation you will need 1.5 cups of water and 1 tbsp herbs.

Fill the grass with water and boil for about 5 minutes. Then steep the liquid for 6 hours. Then strain through cheesecloth, and the infusion is ready. Use gadgets before bedtime, the effect will be noticeable after 6 days. Especially effective is the infusion is combined with fruit and berry masks – i.e. you are making a lotion, and then apply a mask from a banana. The result will surprise you.

Pharmacy means celandine

Currently, many manufacturers produce cosmetics with the extract of celandine. Generally, the range of products with the celandine is very wide, it is only necessary to correctly choose a tool and buy cosmetics from brands, specializing in the production of natural cosmetics. Unfortunately, the number of counterfeit large – therefore, carefully read the composition and do not forget to check the expiration date. Better yet – learn to make healing decoctions and infusions at home – then you are 100% sure of the authenticity!