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What to do if acne appear in adulthood?

akne v zrelom vozrasteFor most of us the word "acne" is associated with hormonal changes in adolescence. However, the client base of cosmetologists and dermatologists suggests that in reality things are more complicated: from this disease suffers a huge number of Mature women. Causes inflammation of the sebaceous glands complex and diverse. For adult patients, the most typical are hormonal imbalance, stress, poor nutrition , and even intense physical activity.

The main factor for causing acne and considered to have high susceptibility of human organism to testosterone — the male sex hormone. Sebaceous glands begin to intensively produce sebum which mixes with dead cells of the epidermis and clog skin follicles. As a result, the face and upper neck with blackheads and pimples, in some cases, the inflammation leave scars. This means that women must pay particular attention to the condition of your skin during pregnancy and menopause – it is during these periods there are significant hormonal changes in the body.

Typically, acne treatment is to use creams and ointments containing antibiotics, retinoids, azelaic acid. If these methods do not bring desired results, doctors prescribe various drugs for internal use (tablets, capsules). In severe cases, a leading British dermatologist Susan Mayo advises to pay attention on Roaccutane – the biologically active form of vitamin A is one of the strongest agents used to treat skin inflammations. However, Dr. Mayo emphasizes that this medication can be used only on doctor's orders, because he has a very serious list of contraindications and side effects.

In addition to the use of drugs by dermatologists emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition for successful treatment of acne.

Constant stress weakens not only nervous, but also immune system, which negatively affects the overall health. The body's resistance to various viruses and bacteria is reduced and in many cases is accompanied by inflammation of the skin. In addition, stress stimulates the production of androgens – the male steroid hormones. And as we all know leads to acne. So you need to learn to manage stress if you want to become the owner of a healthy smooth skin. For this, you first need to find the right balance between work and leisure. So far humanity has failed to devise a more efficient way to recuperate than a good night's sleep, and its unique ability to slow down the aging process of the skin has long adopted all the famous beauties. Comfortable mattress, well-ventilated room, a warm bath and a small bag of dried lavender under the pillow will help to make your sleep peaceful and your skin fresh.

Some of us prefer to remove tension intense training in the gym. However, it is required to comply withcaution. Dermatologists warn that excessive physical exertion, usually accompanied by profuse perspiration, which creates a favorable environment for various pathogens and contributes to the appearance of different inflammation. However, moderate physical activity has beneficial effects on the state of our body, is a burst of energy, improves mood, and thus allows us to neutralize the negative effects of stress.

Acne is one of the signs of poor nutrition and suggests the need to make substantial changes in your daily diet. Famous American dermatologist Nicholas Perricone believes a balanced diet is one of the basic conditions necessary for healthy skin. Dr. Perricone himself in his youth suffered from acne, so research and development of effective treatments of this disease occupy a special place in his scientific work and medical practice. The dermatologist advises you to avoid fatty fried foods, starchy foods and sweets, and foods with a high content of artificial additives (colors, flavors, preservatives). This is harmful to our skin needs to replace the food rich in fatty acids salmon and sardines, fresh yogurt, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Special attention should be given to drink: water and green tea will bring undoubted benefits, but drinking coffee, strong black tea and alcohol will have to be minimized.

Treatment of acne in adulthood requires a complex approach and patience. In addition to medication, you have to learn to control stress, physical activity, monitor your diet. However, your persistence is reflected positively not only on the beauty of your skin but for overall health.