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Why do I get white bumps (lipomas) on the body and how to treat them?

zhiroviki na teleThis type of tumors under skin person people called a Wen.

In medical terminology is a lipoma. The word is derived from a combination of the Greek roots "liposome" and "OMA", which literally translates as fatty tumor. More precisely, the tumor of adipose tissue.

Should not be afraid to cancerous tumors Wen has no relation and is a benign neoplasm.

What is Wen?

Sometimes, and in recent years, not so rare, a man suddenly finds himself under the skin of a small seal. Soft to the touch, it has certain limits and is able to shift slightly, if you press on it with your finger. Tactile sensations of this anomaly is a small pea, the size of which increase with time.

Partly Wen like inflamed lymph node, but only superficially. The rest of the symptoms indicate the absolute difference of these two concepts:

  • The appearance of Wen for quite a long time may go unnoticed because its existence is not associated with an increase in temperature or the presence of pain.
  • Lipoma even when pressure causes no pain.
  • It can be placed in any part of the body, from head to extremities, and only where there is fatty tissue. There are many cases of their appearance even in the abdominal cavity.

The only thing that brings lipoma is its appearance. Or rather, swelling on the body surface, which looks unattractive. Especially if it is not possible to hide under clothing continuously grows in size the seal.

What is the reason for the formation of Wens

Food of the XXI century leaves much to be desired. It contains many of the ingredients are of biological origin, the presence of which disrupts the normal cleansing of the body in the process of his life.

In addition, a sedentary lifestyle, not the observance of a day regimen and diet leads to reduced motility of the gastrointestinal tract, which chronically fails to remove decay products and they Rosaviatsia the body through the nooks and crannies of the body, including in its peripheral area, which is the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Here are stored the so-called "slag", an overabundance of which, ultimately, may block the ducts of the sebaceous glands.

How dangerous talc

Wen, as already mentioned, is a benign neoplasm. However, there is a (albeit small) probability of mutation. It happens in the case where deep-rooted domestic Wen capsulizes and inaccessible to protective antibodies, it becomes the breeding ground for the development of pathogenic microflora.

Threat it in the case of radical-medication: to squeeze or pierce a lipoma at home can not in any case, as this may cause infection. Besides, gross interference in the structure of adipose tissue can cause its abnormal growth.

How to get rid of the pop on the body of Wen?

Small grease seal, you can try to remove using well known and completely safe folk remedies, whose action is directed on strengthening of blood circulation in the area of localization of the lipoma.

  • Often use a compress of freshly picked leaf kallizii fragrant. It is applied to the tumor and tightly privinchivayut for 10 -12 hours (for greater effect, cover the sheet with plastic wrap). What is this plant? It allknown as the Golden Mustache.
  • Enhance blood circulation and pulp of garlic, thoroughly crushed with a few drops of vegetable oil. This composition must be daily rubbed into the affected area of the body.
  • If you Wen to put a tight compress of the films raw eggs, then after a while the skin under it red and become swollen. This shows the blood flow to the affected area. Then the poultice is removed and allow the tissues time to recover. Continue treatments only after removing the swelling and restoring the natural skin coloring.
  • In the open area of skin, deprived of the intense hairline, you can use a more radical method: drop to the lipoma a drop of fresh juice of the plant called celandine. It is poisonous and skin exposure will cause its ulceration, that is, the appearance of holes in the Wen. You can then use any available means for removing the contents of the seal. This can be a compress from all known Vishnevsky ointment, baked onions, freshly picked from the leaf aloe Vera or plantain leaves, crushed to mushy state.
  • To enhance the body's resistance during treatment, you need to eat 0.5 to 1.5 large spoonfuls of cinnamon powder. It is a well known spice which you can make with food: hot milk with cinnamon, coffee with cinnamon, cinnamon can be added to porridge and soups.

If the taste of the food in the presence of cinnamon does not cause pleasant sensations, it can simply be taken before meals and drink plenty of water.

Surgical techniques for removal of Wens

Quite large Wens are already not treatable with folk remedies, and for getting rid of them, it is necessary to resort to surgical removal.

  1. Removal by injection inside a special solution, leading to resorption of the accumulated content. This method is good because it leaves scars on the skin, but it is useful only in the case when the size of the seal does not exceed a couple of inches.
  2. For Wens larger than 3 cm, surgical removal is used. This treatment is done under anesthesia and leaves behind unattractive scars on the skin surface.
  3. The most progressive method of treatment of lipomas in clinical conditions is laser surgery. Carried out under local anesthesia, it does not require a lot of time healing and leaves no visible blemishes.