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How to apply zinc ointment acne: tips and reviews

cinkovaya maz ot pryshejScientists have found that the majority of people in adolescence, and many young people once faced with the problem of acne. The scientific name of this disease "acne" that entails the inflammation of the sebaceous glands, where involved, and the hair follicles. They can be painful and cause a lot of trouble, especially the appearance, not to mention the complications. A reason acne is one of the most common skin problems worldwide. Modern man spends a lot of money on scrubs, masks, gels, creams, even hormones and antibiotics... As you can see, the Arsenal of tools a lot. But many of them include unsafe chemical compounds like parabens, propylene glycol, preservatives. And this is without considering the direct damage to of hormones with antibiotics, and have serious side effects on the body.

Without a doubt, the degree of damage of the skin acne is different, and someone can't do without such tools. Indeed, there are cases where help only strong drugs. But in practice it is enough to recall the old media, forgotten by many – they are sometimes better than modern medicine. So, in the last century, people learned about the wonderful action of one tool that was used and is used now for the treatment of skin problems, including acne, eczema, diaper rash, dermatitis, cuts. Her name – zinc ointment.

A little bit about the zinc

Zinc is an essential trace element for the human body. It "has the responsibility" to stimulate the activity of enzymes – biological catalysts. Thanks for the reactions with enzymes in the body regulate many complex processes occurring every second. In each cell there are enzymes, and not one, but many. Without them it would be impossible vital transformation. With the help of zinc are controlled by about two hundred enzymes. Among them are those governing the functions of vision, taste, smell, and maintain immunity. Zinc, found in the skin account for approximately 20% of the total, so this element is considered to be an excellent component to include in it in cosmetic products to care for problem skin and fighting acne.

For a long time, one thing is amazing in its properties to the tool – zinc ointment. It is sold in any drugstore at a very affordable price 15 — 20 rubles, and very effective from acne. It used as the basis vaseline (1 part of oxide of zinc to 10 parts of vaseline).

The effects of the local application

  1. Reducing fat production by the glands;
  2. Disinfectant action;
  3. Drying effect;
  4. Reducing the irritation;
  5. The removal of inflammation;
  6. Regenerating effect;
  7. To increase the elasticity of the skin.

Zinc different healing properties, so it is often included in the creams for babies. It proves the breadth of its application and safety. By the way, to find out if you have a deficiency of zinc can be learned on the speed of wound healing. If they last longer is slow, it is possible that in your body of zinc deficiency.


There are different options for the use of zinc ointment. It is usually applied in a thin layer on the skin. Previously skin have to be cleaned. To apply the ointment can be up to 6 times a day.Disadvantage is that the zinc ointment is not suitable for use under makeup, you can't use it to apply concealer or powder. You can leave the ointment on at night.

More than a century ago the famous German dermatologist O. Lassar patented the unique properties of salicylic-zinc ointment (it is also called paste lassara). It contains, in addition to zinc oxide, and vaseline, and even salicylic acid with starch. Thanks to this tool has excellent antiseptic and astringent. It is ideal as a first aid when fresh pimples: just apply the ointment on the inflammation, and it quickly subsides.

The desired effect may not occur if you abuse decorative cosmetics. Here everything is very simple – applying to cleansed skin once a new batch of blush, you cast results ago. Often a conscientiously applied ointment, hold the allotted time, and then expose themselves to multilayered "war paint". Naturally, the healing will not come, and there is nothing surprising – the skin wants to breathe and be clean, and you do not give her the opportunity. So consider that, too.

How to achieve consolidation of the results after the application of zinc ointment

  1. You must use this ointment regularly, not just on weekends;
  2. It is desirable to limit in the diet consumption of food containing copper (it is a blocker of the action of the zinc). The same applies to soy protein;
  3. In continuation of the previous advice: eat more foods containing zinc. It's nuts, beans, liver, beans, eggs.
  4. It is not recommended during treatment of zinc ointment to use other drugs for the treatment of acne: ingredients may cause adverse reactions on the skin and prevent the healing effect of zinc.