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Why not press pimples and how to unlearn them to squeeze

pochemu nelzya davit pryshiAcne can occur for various reasons: an irritation, cold, dirt, perspiration, etc.

Each had to deal with this problem. And they solved it individually: fighting for purity face all kinds of lotions, masks, treatments, medications. And some crushed acne. Appeal to this group of "carriers" of acne – do not in any case impossible. However, they do know that. But crushed. On a regular basis.

Why not?

The short answer – according to the cause, origin and spread of acne. Pimple – not only looks unpleasant rash on the skin. Is an inflammatory process of the skin, dermatologic disease, complicating other diseases of the body, often the intestines. So illiterately put the fight against them can be a struggle with your body. Make no mistake morning victory over two-three fresh blackheads!

All know why not to press the pimples, and all crushed!

Squeezing acne, you open the window to get into the weakened spot (the wound after the extrusion) infections are acne your immune system can easily cope. The consequences can be very serious (don't want to scare anyone, young handsome man, eradicated in the bath pimples, then died from blood poisoning, forbid!). Especially dangerous are "nasolabial triangle" – many vessels that directly supply the brain. There is a nonzero risk to make meningitis or encephalitis. Note that the pimple at the same time – not an infection.

Infection furuncles – purulent inflammation of hair follicles (surrounding tissue). They can be not only on the facebut on the back of the head, the neck, the back, can "migrate" through the body. Furunculosis – this is an infectious disease caused most often Staphylococcus aureus. It already needs to be treated very seriously.

With each new extrusion (especially in a non-sterile environment and dirty hands) increases the number of them: the dispensed liquid across neighboring pores penetrates the skin and infects healthy tissue. Even if the infection does not happen, the skin is mechanically damaged, it will remain scars and spots.

Useful tips

You can give the following General recommendations:

  • acne is not to squeeze;
  • cleanse the face with neutral gels and foams for the face, and the best chamomile infusion, organic cucumber juice;
  • not to overdry the skin (alcohol-based lotions, so not suitable, neutral);
  • do not use powder, cream (they contain oils that worsen the condition of acne and can clog the pores and sebaceous glands);
  • if absolutely "unbearable to suppress the zit" — that only sterile cloth, not wiping contents, immediately treating with antiseptic or alcohol.

How to unlearn?

Q: how to unlearn to push acne is a questionrather, the psychologist. Acne often in individuals with a high propensity to hygiene, cleanliness, antiseptic. This often occurs in puberty, premarital period. When there is no worthy candidate. It is important to identify where the Shoe pinches (the manifestation of fear, pride, inferiority, etc.).

To stop doing this, it is necessary to find a "place your hands". For example, pressure bubble packaging film. Less to look in the mirror, especially when you have free time. Owlcotes something (or someone).

Be sure to go to the beautician, perhaps to the psychologist.

How to treat?

First, individual acne is normal, especially in teenagers. If they occur regularly and deliver psychological discomfort – you need treatment. Treatment primarily relates to the ducts of the sebaceous glands (they need to release, cleanse, heal), hair follicle (it is necessary to reduce the number of bacteria, reduce inflammation).

If you do not know how to lighten up acne – view online resources forums, there are many tips and recipes.

It is possible that you need to check for Demodex (microclime that feed on sebum and skin peel). In principle, they have many and harmless, if not very multiplied.

Any method of acne treatment should take into account the individual characteristics of the organism, must be based on the analysis of the immune status and intestinal flora. Only then you can confidently get rid of them.