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Remedy for acne Proaktiv: price, reviews, where to order

proaktiv ot pryshejFrom birth, the human skin exfoliates dead cells and makes fat. Throughout life, hormonal balance is changing and the rate of metabolism is due to them. Acne appears when the violation of natural processes, and remedy for acne Proactive is designed to prevent the appearance of acne and to handle the changes occurring in the skin.

This unique cosmetic product is manufactured in America and received from the magazine Teen Vogue, the title "the best product to get rid of acne", tried to imagine millions of people, and they now haven't thought about what it means to have bad skin. Proactiv helps anyone who lives in conditions that are directly contributing to acne. For example, in the summer at high temperatures the pores on the face of the people dilate, and this makes it particularly sensitive. Impurities, the wind and rain dry the skin and make it especially susceptible to bacteria. New tool for skin care cleans, treats and makes it healthy. Therefore, those who have entrusted their face "Proaktiv", convinced that their choice is correct.

Studies conducted in many countries show that 60% of patients who choose to use this tool, have achieved positive results. Moreover, a positive result from its use remained generally within two weeks. This means that in order to always have good skin, you should use Proactive all the time.

How to order and what price?

Price Proaktiv depends on which set is ordered. Basic set (scrub, toner and moisturizer) will last two months of daily use. If the minimum set is one of the additional funds, the cost of the complex increases.

Order Proactiv on the official website of the vendor in Russia. After placing the order, within few days it will be delivered to you by mail or courier. To know the specific shipping cost and all cosmetic treatment of the complex when ordering on the website. Buy Proactive in pharmacies is not yet possible.

The path from acne to beauty

This method of acne treatment is a special program prepared for each individual. The main purpose of this system is the most effective cleaning and restoration of the epithelium using a cleansing scrub, a rejuvenating tonic, and cream, as well as two additional funds.

  1. Scrub deeply cleanses the skin. It is composed of micro-particles of benzoyl peroxide that penetrate the pore and immediately destroy the bacteria settled there, because of which problems arise. Microscopic granules capable enough to effectively clean the skin from dirt, dead cells and excess fat.
  2. Tonic "Proactive", which has a regenerative effect and does not contain in its composition the alcohol, additionally cleans the pores and removes the resulting irritation. It is composed of herbal components that is able to normalize the complexion and to give it freshness.
  3. Regenerating and moisturizing cream penetrates in already prepared to the final stage of treatment of the skin and, thanks to the medicinal components, prevents the appearance of new acne.

In addition to the base of the complex there are funds, additionally a moisturizing and controlling the sebaceous glands.

Effects Proactiv

Whenuse of the cosmetic complex is:

  1. Deep cleansing with gentle removal of dirt;
  2. Soft cleansing and eliminate the clogged pores;
  3. The destruction of bacteria that cause acne;
  4. Rapid removal of inflammation;
  5. Light peeling effect without drying out the skin.

In the product contains benzoyl-peroxide, and sulfur that are harmful to the bacteria — pathogens of acne and herbal ingredients – panthenol, allantoin, chamomile and aloe cleanse pores and exfoliate dead skin particles epithelium. Unlike many others, this drug is not aggressive impact components are chosen so as to reduce the likelihood of adverse events. In addition, the system Proactiv can be used not only on the face. Due to this it is widely used and has the most positive reviews.

How to use Proaktiv

To get the expected result, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the schema using this tool, using it every day morning and evening.

  1. The cleanser should be applied morning and evening, gently massaging the skin. Then rinse with clean warm water and dry it, without rubbing. A person only needs to wet the towel.
  2. The next step is the application of Proactiv revitalizing tonic. Cotton pad to wipe the treated areas a few drops restorative tonic and to wait until the toner is absorbed into the skin.
  3. Then apply rejuvenating gel in a thin layer and wait until it is completely absorbed. To wash or to wash it is not necessary.
  4. If you are going to go out in the sun, use additional sun cream.

Possible side effects

  1. Irritation;
  2. Redness;
  3. Itching.

If just after 2-3 days of application, skin irritation, dryness or peeling occurs, reduce dosage and frequency of application. These manifestations are extremely rare. When used properly, Proaktiv very good at helping when all types of acne, healthy skin and leaving it clean and beautiful.

Usually the side effect is observed after applying tonic, possessing regenerative effect. Therefore, if you find such reaction, reduce the amount of use of tonic and use it, for example, only in the evening.

To know the price of the drug, and to order it You can on the official website.