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Apply aloe Vera juice for acne

aloe ot pryshejAll known plant aloe, which grows in many on the window sill, is part of many cosmetic and medicinal creams and masks. It has strong anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and wound healing properties. Its leaves have long been used in folk medicine for healing wounds. Just cut them in half and apply to the sore spot.

Having such a valuable plant at hand, it is impossible not to use it for cosmetic skin care. Aloe Vera juice can be used for acne and various rashes on the skin. It will not only help You to get rid of the inflammation, but, thanks to the healing properties, will eliminate all kinds of scars and scarring after him. The skin will remain clean and fresh, without any traces of pimples or acne.

The secrets

For the treatment of the skin, mainly apply the lower, large and fleshy leaves. Before you can use aloe for acne, cut the leaves of a plant wrapped in a thick cloth or paper and kept in a refrigerator from 10 days to 2 weeks. This procedure helps improve biological properties of the plant.

The easiest way to cure pimples or acne is to wipe clean the prepared skin of the face every morning and before going to sleep squeezed juice of Mature leaves in the fridge or cut a piece of leaf and RUB the SAP from the cut-off part in the sore area.

Mask making

Very effective mask treatment for acne from aloe Vera. In order to prepare it, you need gauze, folded in several layers, cut out the mask along the contour of your face. Then, soak it freshly squeezed aloe juice and apply on face for 20-30 minutes, depending on the degree of inflammation.

If you feel any discomfort on the skin, like tingling, itching or burning, concentrated aloe juice can be diluted in half with clean water (preferably mineral) or use instead of juice a decoction of the leaves.To prepare it, you need to take 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves, put in a mug and pour 150 ml of boiling water. Then, for 15 minutes, cook on medium heat, then cover the saucepan with a lid and leave to cool. Therapeutic mask every day for a month.

Al is very harmoniously combined with additional treatment components. Positive feedback from who have experienced the healing properties of this plant has received mask from the juice of this plant, with the addition of essential oils, tinctures or blue clay. So 1 tablespoon of fresh juice you can add 2-3 drops of rosemary oil, tea tree, clove, fir, and similar kind of oils, enhancing antiseptic effect aloe.

If 1 tablespoon of cosmetic (white or blue) of clay mixed with aloe juice until a homogeneous slurry, and then apply on face for about 20 minutes, the result is not only therapeutic, but also firming, wrinkle smoothing mask.