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What Foundation for oily skin is right for You?

tonalnyj krem dlya problemnoj kozhiFlawless even tone – the unquestioned rule of a good, competent makeup, and the selection of appropriate alignment tools must be given special attention.

It is known that the choice of any cosmetics, medicinal or decorative, shall be in accordance with the type and characteristics of the skin, and in case it is, alas, far from perfect, it is a factor worth considering in the first place.

So, choosing a Foundation for oily skin, it is recommended to consider separately each of the criteria, so the result was not only aesthetically pleasing but also fully safe.

The choice of color

The principle of choice of color for the skin adheres to the rules. Is chosen as close as possible to natural colour tone based on such features as freckles and other pigmentation on the face, tendency to sunburn, redness and other possible factors, greatly complicating the procedure of applying makeup.

Selection of shade of Foundation to the skin with a number of annoying problems can vary with different types of fat:

  1. Oily skin requires you to select a single shade for your entire face. However, in areas with the most pronounced lipid metabolism, namely, the chin, nasolabial triangle, forehead, you should then apply a light powder of a lighter tone than on the nose and cheeks.
  2. Combination skin – this type requires a more thorough approach, as well as selecting the appropriate type of the Foundation. Most often, this lighter fluids, on the package there is an indication for mixed skin types". However, the cost of such funds is usually quite noticeable, so there is a recommendation to use a Foundation for oily skin a maximum of two shades. A darker tone is applied liberally to the forehead and cheekbones and face completely covered in a lighter shade, perfectly matching with the natural skin color.
  3. Dry skin – for this type of special nuances regarding the choice of color is not, it is carried out in a standard way.

In order to obtain as a result of all their efforts uneven tone or a clear mismatch between the hue of the selected tools with natural color, you should first test the cream on a small area of cheeks and neck. The natural hues of these areas usually differ significantly, however, the task of makeup is to an effective and smooth glowing skin.

The optimal texture and consistency

In the process of forming the perfect makeup look every woman should remember that well-known since ancient times, the toner is the last day of cosmetology. Today leveling foundations represent a wide range of varied structures of compounds specially developed by the specialists of the beauty industry for maximum proximity to the individual features and possible skin problems of every woman.

  1. Oily skin – usually requires application of a liquid consistency. Such remedies have virtually no fat, no oil, but as a useful innovation is present absorbent components that are actively absorbing excessive sebum. Thus, even tone without any flaws associated with this specificskin type.
  2. Combination skin – the most difficult in terms of selecting a Foundation option, however, the solution to this problem to date is feasible. So for the individual, the more oily areas of the face require defatted basis, whereas dry areas, by contrast, will require additional power. However, the modern woman has long been spared from having to purchase two creams of various types and have the opportunity to acquire a versatile tool, which is meant for combination skin must be indicated on the packaging.
  3. Dry skin requires a more dense and rich texture that contains moisturizing and nourishing components. For a more Mature age should choose funds with a higher level of fat, which will, not only visually but also physically to smooth out fine wrinkles. Quality Foundation for dry skin its parameters are not inferior to a good cream that gives the possibility to use only powder, so as not to "overload" the skin with plenty of cosmetics.

Additional features of this Foundation for oily skin

  • Freckles. For clearing the complexion, dotted with freckles, you should choose a Foundation with tanning effect or a more progressive variant – tanning. The result, if necessary, can be corrected with powder.
  • Pimples, rashes, irritation. In fact, such problems were only compounded when the standard Foundation. To remedy this situation, carefully prepare your face well especially the problem areas by using a soothing non-greasy lotions, and then apply the lightest in consistency fluid tone effect.
  • The deep wrinkles. It is known that the incorrectly selected and applied makeup can only accentuate deep wrinkles on the face. In order to avoid such mistakes you should select the toner is particularly rich and nutritious, which is quite able to disguise wrinkles on the face when using a shade close to natural.