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What do pimples on chin?

pryshi na podborodkeAn interesting study was conducted by American scientists, they found that acne poison the existence of almost the entire population of the earth and they are the cause of depression in youth in 35% of cases. Sad facts, isn't it? Moreover, if the pimples appear on the face. They may appear everywhere – including on my chin. Many boys and girls tormented by this reality – pimples on the chin appear again and again, not willing to disappear after treatment complicated or ugly spots and scars.

What are the causes of their appearance?

  1. Increased sebum production. In every human body there are androgens – sex hormones. They are "commanders" in the process of developing sebaceous secretion. Even in adolescence, the level of androgens is normal. So why, you ask, what young people most frequently plagued by pimples on the chin? The fact that the formation of sebum increases due not to increased levels of androgens and increase sensitivity of receptors to these hormones. The degree of sensitivity is determined by genetic predisposition and hereditary. But adult acne can be due to increased levels of hormones.
  2. The increase in the number of pathogenic microorganisms in the hair follicle. This is due to the stagnation of skin secret in the follicle. Bacteria are rapidly developing, as fat just isn't equipped the way out, the purification does not happen. Microbes develop rough activity in favourable conditions, and inflammation.
  3. Blockage of the sebaceous glands. It is due to the increase in the number of new cells that line the ducts and the mouth of the hair follicle. It increases sebum accumulates, causing inflammation.
  4. Break the wall of the hair follicle. In this case, the contents of the follicle (fat, microbes, toxins) enter nearby tissues and cause inflammation extensive skin areas. These processes are the reason for the "big" pimples on the chin, stubbornly refused to yield to treatment.
  5. The reason, which few people realize. Banal cold can cause complications such as pimples on the chin. This is especially noticeable in autumn, when many acute illnesses. Survivors continue to smudge anything, not knowing that the reason they themselves are! And cost only to dress warmly and to prevent hypothermia. Girls need to remember that blindly following the fashion, they can risk not only their health, but also beauty. Often with not enough warm clothes in the cold season, inflamed ovaries, and in the worst case – developing them polycystic. So, noticed a direct link between this disease and pimples. Therefore, if you constantly get pimples it on the chin – pass survey at the gynecologist (if you are female).
  6. Heredity and some physiological aspects. If mom/dad/grandmother was a pimple on my chin, it is likely that they will appear and you. This is due to the inheritance to the regulation of hormonal mechanisms that are responsible for skin sensitivity to them.
  7. Amount of body fluid. Did not notice that the active sweating occurs exacerbation of the disease? The reason for excess fluid. The ducts of the glands become swollen and inflamed.
  8. Contamination of the pores with mineral oil. Some cosmetic products include oil which aggravate the situation with acne. Therefore, carefully selectcosmetics, or even refrain from questionable means.
  9. Medications can also cause acne (especially hormonal methods).
  10. Mechanical irritation, such as pinching, scratching, squeezing pimples worsens skin condition. This also applies to excessive use of detergents, frequent washing of the face irritates your skin and reduces resistance to infections.

To start treatment when a known cause of the disease, a lot simpler. Try to find and eliminate all the factors that led to the appearance of acne. Then select the appropriate tool will be easier. The doctor will help you choose a diet, and appointed a balanced diet, the beautician will tell you what is better to use in the care of the skin and produce the necessary procedures. (This may include cleaning, peeling, mesotherapy, etc.). With the right health care, you will bypass many health problems – including acne on his chin. They will cease to be a pest, if you follow simple guidelines, pay attention to internal diseases and will be right to follow him.