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What is the best powder for oily skin?

pudra dlya problemnoj kozhiIf you constantly have problems with black dots, acne, rash on the face, powder for oily skin will fit you, as it is impossible by the way. This cosmetic product is for girls the irreplaceable assistant in the struggle with imperfect skin. In General there are two types of tools that help to deal with problem skin:

  1. Toner;
  2. Powder.

Why you should give preference to the last variant means? It is actually very simple.

The dermatologists suggest to all who have inflammations on the face, do not use liquid beauty products that help hide these flaws. Because in this case the concealer clogs pores and thus, this leads to more and more inflammation and irritation. But you do not want it? In principle, the Foundation can only be used in winter time when skin needs hydration.

Powder for oily skin can help most ladies to make it perfect to hide little flaws. I wonder why there are acne, rashes, pimples? The causes of these problems may be different. For example, pimples occur due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, due to improper functioning of internal organs. Always remember that all the toxins and toxins out of the body, don't go away, and appear on your face in the form of acne and pimples. Of course, in order to get rid of greasy luster, pimples, blackheads, acne and rashes is to deal with the root cause of their occurrence, but if you need this evening to look, powder will help you to achieve this result, look far and Shine on the party to which you are invited.

Choose a face powder for oily skin

You have decided to buy the powder for problem skin. But what kinds are there? What, above all, to pay attention to when choosing it?

Always read the label. First and foremost, it must not contain in its composition of chemical elements which can cause even more irritation. In addition, it should not have any specific or strong smell, as this leads to allergies.

The powder should have the following properties:

  • Antibacterial effect;
  • Not clog pores (comedogenic).

In its composition should not contain oils as a cream powder – not suitable for oily skin. After all, it does not hide the pimples and inflammation, but will make them even more visible, make them focus. The best option in this case would be loose powder. Thanks to her all your flaws well hidden. Still perfect for your imperfect skin mineral powder. Even beauticians suggest to buy it because it contains zinc. This substance promotes healing of the epithelium. So you may want her to stock up, treat and hide all visible flaws on your face.

It will look like your skin, will depend entirely on you, on how you will care for her. Always remember that before you put on the face makeup, you need to do a cleansing using a lotion or tonic. Because you know how much dust gets on the surface of the face, and it should always be fresh and clean. Powder best to buy quality and not to spare the money for it. In any caseit is impossible to apply it in several layers. The best option would be to wipe the old layer and apply a new one. This action will help to remove the skin from the fat that has accumulated during the day. It should be applied in a thin layer so your skin can breathe freely.