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Face lift at home — is this possible?

podtyazhka kozhi lica v domashnih usloviyahBeauty and youth is short-lived, and this postulate, alas, plunges into despair thousands of women who do not want to part with his natural charm and outdoor declaring "fight" any of their age-related changes. Of course, each of them knows that to solve a problem looks able today the facelift, however, fear the risk and consequences of surgical intervention has led many to abandon this fundamental technique.

However, nothing prevents a woman to work on their own appearance in the home by lifting in other, more accessible, although more prolonged action. In fact, the leading technologists have developed a number of activities, the regular and methodical application which is able for many years to maintain the freshness and youthfulness of the face, bringing joy to their possessor attractive reflection in the mirror and indiscreet men's views.

Facial massage

This method of anti-aging skin occupies one of key positions in the Arsenal of the beauty industry. In essence, massage is a kind of homemade non-surgical facelift, which in the presence of additional skin care and anti-aging tools are truly capable of performing miracles.

So, facial massage is extremely important for the following factors such as:

  • Improving contours and definition of the oval;
  • Activating blood circulation, promoting regeneration of the skin and a fresher complexion;
  • Wrinkle smoothing;
  • Improving overall skin tone and its elasticity.

To receive competent and quality massage, you can definitely go to the salon and take advantage of the services of a professional beautician. Experience shows, however, that the massage becomes an effective method of face-lift assuming, of course, competent and careful actions. Fortunately, the vast expanses of the Internet and special benefits in cosmetology are able to fully familiarize a woman with the necessary massage techniques and their correct sequence.

In particular, to help the modern woman of today come and technical studies. Acquiring cold, you no longer have to worry about the fatigue of the fingers or of the wrong intensity of their effects on the skin, this technique concentrates all the necessities for women modes and functions, allowing you to choose massage settings according to the age and individual characteristics of the skin.


Thinking about how to tighten face skin at home, do not neglect such a simple, but at the same time, effective way as facial gymnastics. There are a number of specially designed exercises to help get rid of sagging and sagging skin, double chin, premature wrinkles and other unpleasant age effects. If you pay this occupation no more than 10-15 minutes a day, you can achieve significant results and long to keep the tone of the skin and facial muscles.


Of course, it is impossible to plan a particular scheme of rejuvenation or non-surgical facelift without the use of means on care of face. Their range today is truly astonishing, however it is this factor which largely complicates the right choice.

Thus, among the currently known cosmetic products that could effectively participate in the facelift, you can listthe following:

  1. Creams – their choice, however, as usual, must be in accordance with skin type. Be sure to read the contents of the cream, as a rule, firming and rejuvenating the main component is collagen, as well as auxiliary ingredients, natural oils and plant extracts, in particular from sprouted wheat grains.
  2. The serum even more effective composition for its firming properties. Typically, serum contains the most active ingredients and can be used both independently and as a base under moisturizer.
  3. Mask these cosmetic products can be divided into two main types: prepared and home cooked.

Finished masks

To obtain maximum lifting effect, it is desirable to use placental mask, a fair price which fully kompensiruet success result.

Homemade mask

Their main advantage is to use fresh and natural products. Homemade mask, like all the other folk remedies are not only quick and efficient, but also the wisdom of many generations. The recipe of our grandmothers offers all that is best in nature. And if women's beauty is a reflection of the natural beauty, home recipes is a surefire way to achieve and maintain.