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What vitamins needed for the skin and the skin around the eyes?

vitaminy dlya kozhi licaPerhaps today it's difficult to find a woman who knows nothing about vitamin complexes and how they affect our body. Vitamins for the skin is a source of youth and beauty. But which of them are most effective and beneficial for the skin?

First vitamins to give us vitality, strength, participate in metabolism. The disadvantage of a vitamin in the body can lead to various diseases such as skin peeling and acne. In addition, there may be spots on the face, acne, bruising under the eyes and so on. But also not worth to overdo it, because if you take vitamins without interruption this can lead to even worse consequences.

What vitamins needs Your face?

Before you choose a specific vitamin, you need to understand which of them the body needs. For this you need to consult with your doctor.

So, the best vitamins for the face:

  1. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins. It helps to maintain the youthfulness of your skin and will also contribute to the formation of collagen fibers. The skin begins to age because of the deficiency of collagen. Then it becomes more dull and flabby. In addition, vitamin C helps with wound healing and prevents bruising. This is the most effective vitamin for the skin around the eyes. Also it has anti-inflammatory properties, thereby helping to speed up the healing process of damaged skin.
  2. Vitamin E is also included in the list as one of the best vitamins for the skin. It will provide the youth of your skin and help to moisturize, protect from harmful UV rays. Promotes skin renewal. The greatest amounts present:
    • in fish;
    • vegetable oil;
    • nuts;
    • milk.

    Vitamin E is undisputed, must be present in your body, as it helps to assimilate vitamin A.

  3. Vitamin A — it helps keep your skin's elasticity. If the body is deficient in vitamin A, then you can understand it immediately. Your skin begins to Grubel and peel. But also with its lack will suffer hair and nails. Vitamin a is found in foods such as:
    • eggs;
    • carrots;
    • parsley;
    • green salad;
    • tomatoes;
    • peas;
    • melon;
    • prunes;
    • Rowan;
    • peaches;
    • the apricots.

    In order to normally absorbed in the body, it needs to come back together with fats.

  4. Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B10) — group of these vitamins is also considered important. They will help you to prevent aging skin and improve the complexion. All b vitamins help to hydrate the skin and also help to resist the effects of the environment. Vitamin B1 prevents aging of the skin, and B9 to protect her from the influence of aggressive environmental factors.
    It contains:

    • sprouted wheat grains;
    • oatmeal;
    • buckwheat;
    • wheat cereal.

    There is also its content in red meat, fish, potatoes, eggs and green vegetables. Vitamin B2 is contained in large amounts of fruits and vegetables, peaches, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and so on. As well as in dairy products (milk and cheese), eggs, mushrooms and almonds. Foods that contain vitamin B6:

    • salmon;
    • herring;
    • wheat;
    • Fig;
    • bananas;
    • avocado.

    Vitamin B9 containsin:

    • cabbage;
    • spinach;
    • salad;
    • tomatoes;
    • bean;
    • bananas;
    • mushrooms;
    • nuts.
  5. Important vitamins for the skin around the eye are vitamins PP, K and D. Vitamin PP helps restoration of the protective functions of the skin. If the vitamin deficiency in your body, it can cause skin condition may deteriorate. This process begins with the loss of elasticity and comes to the fact that will worsen the complexion. Vitamin PP is contained in foods such as:
    • fish;
    • chicken;
    • milk;
    • eggs;
    • cheese;
    • wheat germ;
    • peanuts.
  6. Vitamin K will help in the fight against freckles and other pigment spots (including acne scars), which arose independently, or on the background of pregnancy. Large quantities found in carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin and Rowan berries.
  7. Vitamin D needed to slow down the aging process of the skin to maintain its youthfulness and maintain tone for a long period of time. Contains in such products as:
    • cod liver;
    • eggs;
    • butter;
    • fish;
    • seaweed.

Don't forget that vitamins give effect only after an internal appointment. The body every day requires 9 minerals and 13 vitamins.

All the vitamins for the skin that we have listed, will help you to preserve elasticity, improve the complexion and prevent unwanted the aging process of the skin. Eat as many fresh vegetables and fruits, and you will immediately notice a positive effect. Stay healthy and beautiful!