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What to do if you red itchy pimples on body — eliminate itching

esli cheshutsya pryshiOften the problem of acne itself with another one – itching of the skin in the affected area. It can be varying degrees – from unbearable to barely noticeable, but in any case, the joy of a few. Pimples on body itchy for different reasons.

The main reasons for itchy pimples on body and face

  1. Allergic reactions. They can be caused by a variety of factors – pollen-allergens, cosmetics, animal dander, and other products. Healthy skin may not react to the allergen, but the portions, and so irritated by inflammation – pimplescan begin to itch painfully. This means that the body is fed a kind of warning signal, and it is impossible to ignore it.How to eliminate itching?We should try to find out the cause of allergies. Often it is plants. Fortunately, there is a solution – you need to choose the right tool in the pharmacy, consulting with a physician. Try less to be on the street, where a large concentration of allergens and avoid cosmetics containing the extracts of the "culprit" of your disease. If the cause of itching became any products, it is necessary to abandon them altogether.
  2. Infection of the skin or irritation. Acne at its core – showing hormonal changes in puberty, and the natural reaction of the skin when internal slagging of the organism. Through the skin toxins (in the form of the formation of acne) and if they are too many, the pimples become red and start to itch, as these substances too much can irritate the skin. If there is no proper care, it is difficult to speak about purity in this case, the itching increases, not to mention the progression of inflammation.What to do?It is necessary to pay special attention to cleansing of the skin, hygiene of the whole body, especially the face and prevent skin infection. You need to use special cosmetics. To choose their needs, focusing on skin type and the degree of inflammation. Drugs a lot, so it's best to consult with an experienced dermatologist. Well proven tools such as:

    Soothe skin herbal decoctions and infusions, such as chamomile, succession, celandine and calendula.

  3. The individual characteristics of your body. Sometimes it is impossible to establish a credible cause of acne – it happens that the body just therefore responds to external influences. Acne often itching for some skin diseases – eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis.What to do?In this case, the overall treatment, proper nutrition and, of course, a healthy lifestyle.If you are not sure of the effectiveness of home treatmentsin the salon you can carry out procedures such as peeling, ozone therapy, mesotherapy and others. The most effective means prompt cosmetologist.

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