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Diet for acne — eat right

dieta ot pryshejCurrently, there are a lot of people who are committed to a strict diet of pimples and acne. In the same way as those who are convinced of its futility. Doctors opinions are also different. And yet, who is right? Do I need to follow any special dietary guidelines in inflammatory processes of the skin? If so, what?

Studies on the diet against acne, carried out not so much.

Avoid unplanned snacking. Better if the intervals between meals will be about 3-4 hours. You can set your own rules to match your life's rhythm.

Do not forget about drinking regime. The special role played by clean water, as it is needed for cleaning the body and therefore to deal with acne. Natural water removes toxins, helps the cells to recover. Better to drink purified water.

In conclusion – another recommendation. In the first weeks you feel that the skin condition has worsened. Don't worry – the body intensively removes toxins so acne may increase. This is a transient phenomenon. In no case do not fall back and with a vengeance provide care of your skin. It is only the combination of treatments and proper diet will bear fruit.