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The pimples on pubic area — why they appear and how to treat them

Even such minor symptoms as pimples on the pubis, deserve attention because they may be signs of some unpleasant common lesions and be an independent disease.

In General, any rash on the genitals and the surrounding areas are the reason for going to the doctor, as they may indicate a serious condition. Specialist can perform a visual inspection and will refer you for tests to confirm the correct diagnosis.

Disease characterized by appearance of pimples on the pubic area

  1. Pubic lice are. Very unpleasant disease, they are caused by pubic lice. Even if you believe in their "innocence" for acne, it is recommended to be checked as head lice can get infected very easily – and not necessarily sexually transmitted (through clothes by household). The incubation period – a month, then the place of introduction of lice began to itch. There is a strong irritation, acne appear. Strongest itching a symptom that should alert you if you suspect head lice.
  2. Genital herpes. A very common disease, sexually transmitted diseases. The likelihood of getting sick increases if one partner has on the lips "bubble cold". After infection 3-10 days pubic formation of small bubbles in the form of pimples that are swollen and cause itching and burning in this area. Sometimes there is dragging pain in the perineum, aching lower back, General malaise. Acne is filled with liquid and burst with time. In their place are small ulcers subsequently healed without a trace. If you once had herpes, then most likely, there will be relapses. Their occurrence depends on the immune system. The disease can trigger pregnancy, acute respiratory infections, hypothermia, stress.
  3. Molluscum contagiosum. This is an infectious disease caused by poxviruses. For it to occur, should contact the skin. The incubation period averages 2 months. Rashes localized and pubic hair, and vulva. The typical characteristics that distinguish them from normal acne dense papule is pink in color and shiny surface. It is not painful when touched, as if to press it, it will stand out not pus, and cheesy mass.

If this is a classic pimples, then most likely, they are painful filled with pus and have a white head. Their causes can range from hormonal imbalances, complications of wrong hair or poor hygiene.

How to get rid of acne on your cock?

  1. If they are caused by genital herpes, contagious molluscum, or pubic lice, need specific treatment that can be prescribed only by a doctor. He will prescribe a special vaccine for herpes, ointments and creams. Do not attempt to remove the pimples themselves, the best thing you can do is carefully observe hygiene and frequently change underwear. Try not to injure the affected area.
  2. If it's regular acne, in no case do not squeeze them. Subcutaneous fat in the pubic region is very well developed, and in any attempt of getting rid of the inflammation by squeezing may spread the infection and getting severe complications including death. Often developed when, after squeezing a small pimple had formed an abscess and it was getting blood poisoning.It is better to try to "draw out" the pus.

Recipes to treat pubic pimples

  1. Iodine lotion. Iodine disinfects the skin and allows to ripen the pimple within 4-5 days. Apply iodine need locally. For this purpose, suitable special lechery – kind markersdressed with iodine. You can buy them at the pharmacy.
  2. Cut clean with a knife a piece of the aloe leaf. Apply the pulp to the blackheads and seal "breathable" plaster. Leave overnight, repeat 3 days. Aloe Vera has excellent anti-inflammatory and healing action and also helps to dry out the inflamed areas.
  3. Apply to pimple ointment Vishnevsky and close this place a piece of clean gauze and leave overnight. To apply every day. Ichthyol good pulls pus.
  4. Levomekol. Anti-inflammatory ointment. Apply 2 times a day.
  5. Hydrogen peroxide. Process 1-2 times a day after cleansing.
  6. If the acne appeared after hair removal, it is necessary to switch to another method of hair removal, and especially to keep clean during this procedure.

Attention! During treatment is not recommended for hair removal (with the exception of pubic lice). Excessive skin irritation may aggravate the situation and cause the appearance of new spots.

More powerful tools can only be used after consultation with a dermatologist. Remember that self-medication is to not get carried away, and use everything too. An experienced cosmetologist will tell you the appropriate means and, if necessary, conduct additional procedures (peeling, cleaning, etc).