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Used the Treatment of acne — effective and cheap!

levomekolAs you know, in the fight with acne, the main goal is relief of inflammation, for example, the effect of the drug from the Treatment of acne. Some products work only superficially, reducing the redness and removing the swelling, but the cause often remains inside. What is this invincible enemy like this, people ask, vainly trying to get rid of these annoying pimples. And it never occurred to them that under the beautiful name "Golden staph", etc., are hidden infectious organisms.

These bacteria often hide deep within the skin, that does not prevent them, however, to grow rapidly and to feel comfortable. How would you neither washed nor dried the skin lotions and grindings, if not treat the cause – an infection, that wing will be small. You can reduce symptoms of the inflammatory process, but it will soon make themselves known again. Of course, the issues of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is also important. Only a comprehensive approach will allow you to get rid of acne.

So, to relieve inflammation necessary to destroy the bacteria inside the pimple. Judging by the reviews, the Treatment is a very effective product designed for this purpose and also inexpensive — the price ranges from 30 to 70 rubles per tube. It has powerful antibacterial properties and great fights inflammation, simultaneously restoring the skin.

Main ingredients – chloramphenicol and methyluracil. The tool is intended only for use outside.

Effects ointment Levomekol

  1. Anti-inflammatory;
  2. Cleansing the problem areas from purulent masses;
  3. Regeneration of the damaged tissues;
  4. Reducing swelling;
  5. Evens the complexion, while preventing redness.

How to apply Levomekol

To get rid of especially large inflammation (and not only on the face), it is necessary to overlay the fleece with drug for 20 min. Positive effect will be noticed by you the next day. The tool is remarkable in that it is available and invaluable as "emergency" — if you need to urgently reduce a large pimple, ointment. There is, however, one drawback – the skin quickly gets used to Levomekol. Bacteria in the treatment period they "grow wiser", and after some time, the ointment to them at all. Then you have to change the tool. Therefore, experts recommend that before applying ointment to use drugs like Matt and others.

The treatment has a rich consistency, it is necessary to apply point. Try not to apply it on large areas of skin – so reducing local immunity. Unfortunately, the ointment is not able to cure acne forever – it has a temporary effect.

Side effects

  1. Allergic reaction (rash, itching, etc.);
  2. Irritation of the skin.

When these symptoms the use of the drug should stop.


  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  2. Increased sensitivity to chloramphenicol and methyluracil.

Remember, to apply ointment for a long time can not – Yes, in urgent cases, you will reduce the pimple to such a state that it will be possible to cover it with makeup, but the day will come when tool just won't work. Worsejust that in this case may decrease the effectiveness of other such medications. So if you use nasal spray, alternate it with "Skinoren", for example. It is also good to use a variety of folk remedies, especially herbal teas without alcohol. With Levamisole also liked the mash – they'll write you a doctor, or you can buy at the pharmacy yourself.

The main thing in the treatment of this ointment – do not overdo it. Then the effect will only please you. And, of course, do not forget about the complex approach in the fight against acne and acne – only in this case the result is fixed, and the face will be clean and fresh.