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Remedy for acne POLYSORB: recipes for masks, reviews, price

polisorb ot pryshejBlack spots and pimples on the face – rather unpleasant problem faced by almost everyone. Often they appear at the temples, cheeks and in the area of nasolabial triangle. Ways to get rid of these enemies of beauty are many, most of them aimed at elimination of inflammation, and today we will consider one of these remedies for acne — POLYSORB. Skin problems are usually accompanied by increased secretion of sebum and blockage of the ducts of the glands, and inflammation exacerbates the situation with the accession of infection.

Acne causes a lot of trouble, especially the younger generation. There is no such person who would calmly looked at their acne. The problem also is that the perpetrators can be not only external causes. Acne often occur due to factors of heredity, hormonal instability, endocrine abnormalities, and other diseases. Therefore, we must fight with both superficial and deep acne, using special masks. Some people use all the means at hand, unaware of their harm (for example, oil emulsions and oily cream enhance the spread of acne). Everything you apply on your face should match the skin type and combined with the other drugsyou use.

To eliminate acne, good product "Polisorb", especially effectively it copes with black comedones, unwilling to succumb to treatment. The tool consists of a natural silicon has many useful properties.

The Effects Of "POLYSORB"

  1. Increases the natural protection of the skin;
  2. Prevents the penetration and deposition of harmful substances;
  3. Cleanses and improves skin tone;
  4. Smoothes fine lines;
  5. Dries mild.
  6. Light peeling.

"POLYSORB" can be applied not only on the face – it is perfect for use on the whole body.

The mask is prepared as follows:

Take the powder and mix it to the consistency of thick cream. Apply on problem areas for 10 minutes you Have to wait until mask is almost dry. Rinse with water. Apply any moisturizer. This procedure is done 1-2 times a week.

Side effects

  1. Redness and itching;
  2. Peeling of the skin.

In these cases it is recommended to reduce the exposure time of the mask.

Thus, if you used "POLYSORB" in the instructions and follow the recommendations outlined in it, you will see the results very soon: skin posvezheet.>, pimples will be smaller, and soon they will disappear altogether.

The price of the drug is from 100 to 300 rubles.