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Ichthyol ointment acne — remedy of deep action!

ihtiolovaya maz ot pryshejIn the treatment of this unpleasant disease, like acne, one of the main purposes of the antiseptic treatment of the skin. Indeed, when stretching the inflammation (and this is the main problem that can't handle newfangled media), disinfection and anti-bacteria necessary in the first place.

Among disinfectants and antiseptics, a special role belongs to such a drug as Ichthyol. Acne Ichthyol ointment helps very well. This is a truly unique tools that are used in many skin problems, including for acne. The drug is sold either in pure form or as solution with the addition of glycerin. In any case, it is extremely effective against germs, inflammation and irritation of the skin.

The scope of application of Ichthyol ointment is multifaceted.

See for yourself – it is prescribed for the treatment of:

  1. Burns;
  2. Frostbite;
  3. Eczema;
  4. Boils;
  5. Abscesses
  6. Acne and other suppurations;
  7. Acne.

The love of people suffering from acne, this cream has received because of its rapid anti-inflammatory action. The agent penetrates the skin and fights inflammation from the inside, "pulling" it, as they say.

No matter which type of inflammation Ichthyol ointment has a complex effect.

Effects of Ichthyol ointment

This ointment is applied that would:

  1. To remove inflammation;
  2. Disinfect the affected area;
  3. To increase the blood flow in the tissues;
  4. To reduce the pain in severe forms of subcutaneous pimples (that is why it is sometimes used as a mild painkiller). This action is based on a small irritation of the nerve endings, dulling their sensitivity, and the pain goes away.

The high efficiency of Ichthyol has been proved by many patients unsuccessfully used other means. Ointment beneficial effect on inflammation of any type, even spread deep into the subcutaneous tissue. Most remedies for acne works is superficial and besides the "hits" the target deeply – that is the difference. In parallel, improves metabolism, is regulated by vascular tone, which results in increased permeability of the walls of the small blood vessels. Does more oxygen and nutrients from the circulatory system, and toxins and harmful substance is removed from the skin surface without being absorbed back and provoke a new inflammation. The drug acts directly on the pathogen, leading to its destruction.

The active substance is Ichthyol, which is obtained from oil shale. Their resin is a lot of sulfur, and it disinfects and cleans, simultaneously softening the irritated skin. The positive aspect is that the tool does not dry out the skin.


Ichthyol ointment applied in a thin layer to the affected areas 2 times a day. You can leave even at night. After removal of cotton with the ointment you will find that the pus already on the surface. Disinfect the wound with a product containing salicylic acid. Used drug to full recovery, but you need to make breaks (for a day or two). A small disadvantage is the brown color and an unpleasant odor due to high sulfur content, so the drug will not be applied under makeup.

Despite the positivethe quality of the drug, the treatment may have some unexpected consequences, especially for sensitive skin.

Side effects and contraindications

  1. Allergic manifestations (rash, swelling);
  2. Skin irritation, itching;
  3. Redness of the skin;
  4. Staining of the skin.

Not recommended in the following cases:

  1. The tendency to allergic reactions;
  2. Simultaneous use of alkaloids and iodine salts.

If you encounter these signs will reduce the frequency of use up to 1 times per day. Do not rush to quit the course of treatment to spend it completely, but the face will be clean and the skin fresh.