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How to effectively apply the Ointment of Pits from acne

maz yamAcne is a disease that, unfortunately, is very difficult to treat – very frequent relapses and unpleasant complications. One of these complications is acne along with the introduction of Demodex mites – or, in other words, of acne, such acne good helps the salve Pits. This mite lives under the skin and in hair follicles and feeds on sebaceous secretions which gland secrete, and can be at all.

But if hygiene is poor, there are predisposing factors (for example, a sharp decline in immunity), the tick can become active and start to multiply rapidly. This leads to demodectic mange.

Signs of Demodex

  1. Pimples in the nasolabial region and on the chin;
  2. Grey complexion, numerous small inflammation;
  3. The appearance of bugristoe of the skin;
  4. Itching and sometimes swelling;
  5. Redness of the eyelids;
  6. The appearance of small scales in the region of the roots of eyelashes;
  7. The feeling of "sand in the eyes;
  8. Itching ears, crawling sensation;
  9. Difficulty facial movements.

Yam ointment is often used for the treatment of demodectic and pimples that causes this disease. This fungicidal-bactericidal drug is salicylic acid, sulfur, zinc oxide, tar and a lanolin.

Effects ointment

  1. Antimicrobial;
  2. Antiparasitic;
  3. Insecticide;
  4. Anti-inflammatory;
  5. Emollient.

How to properly and effectively implement the Pits

  1. It is necessary to thoroughly mix the ointment (because during long storage, the components are stratified).
  2. Ointment apply a thin layer to the skin areas affected with acne (5 minutes the first time), then cleaned with a swab dipped in conventional oil. Then – water. The next day, the time spent on the face increases by 5 minutes. The maximum you can hold it 15 minutes. Course – a month or two.
  3. At the same time, it is recommended to wash with tar soap.

The disadvantage of ointments is that it has an unpleasant smell, but the effect is worth it. The shelf life of "Pits" for 2 weeks, so don't forget to upgrade the tool. The ointment does not work on pigmentation on the face, so you can choose the remedy spots on the face, and use them together. In a month it is advisable to do scraping for the presence of subcutaneous mites. Beautician will recommend you the cleansingthat you can do during treatment, ointment "Yam".


  1. Hypertrichosis (increased hair growth);
  2. Hypersensitivity to any component.

Side effects

  1. Burn (in the case of staying too long on the face. Be careful!);
  2. Irritation of the skin;
  3. Allergic reactions.

With similar symptoms treatment ointment "Yam" should be abolished.