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How to apply Enterosgel from acne?

enterosgelCosmetologists have long found that with the pimples and blackheads have to fight both outside and inside. In the human body constantly produces new toxins which, when absorbed by the intestine, reach the skin and cause new inflammation. So if you constantly need intensive external therapy of acne, and the result is all there or he is not very comforting, think about it – suddenly you need to be cleansed from the inside?

Drug for acne Enterosgel was created exactly for this purpose – to absorb compounds toxic to humans. It is based on special chemical substance that has a porous structure. It possesses unique structural features that contribute to its excellent properties. Of course, this tool has many counterparts, but the Remedy has its advantages.

The advantages of the drug

  1. Unlike some simple tools (e.g., activated carbon), Enterosgel absorbs only the harmful products, and vitamins and minerals remain intact. This is achieved by spatial differences between the sizes and the diameter of its pores.
  2. Enterosgel does not stick to the mucosa of the digestive tract, and its use will not damage the cells that line the inside surface. The drug is quickly moving through the digestive tract, not soaked itself and parallel to the absorbing toxins. 12 hours later it is excreted in a natural way.
  3. The drug removes the excess lipid complexes and cholesterol.
  4. Very few contraindications – the drug can be used in almost all.
  5. Persons with a predisposition to components of popular remedies for acneEnterosgel will help to cope with the problem. It does not cause allergic reactions, and improves health without the effect of accumulation.

How to apply

Enterosgel is used in combination with an external tool, your skin. In this case, the impact will increase.

The tool is available in the form of a hydrogel and a homogeneous paste. What form to take – you decide.

  • The hydrogel should be well rubbed in a glass of water with a spoon. This suspension should be taken one hour before meals. You can drink water. The norm – 1 tbsp 3 times a day.
  • Much easier to take Enterosgel paste – in this case it is not explicitly required to breed. After opening the package it is necessary to use the tool for 3 months. It should not be frozen.

Sometimes, there may be such side effects as constipation. In this case, try during the day to drink more fluids.

There are no contraindications – except for individual intolerance. It is recommended to be careful when taking other medicines the drug can absorb.

In any case, the use of Enterosgel against acne should be a part of complex therapy, which will help you to choose the doctor.