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Remedy for acne Zinerit: price, reviews, application

zineritIn this article You will learn does Zineryt for acne, and how to apply the treatment for acne.
Acne and acne occur is influenced by many factors, both external and internal. Their appearance may be due to internal diseases, hormonal disorders, heredity, poor environment and many other reasons. But they share one thing – the development of acne is impossible without the participation of bacteria: in each case, they play an important role in supporting inflammation.

A bit about antibiotics

The fight against them is needed at all stages of treatment of acne and pimples. As a rule, almost all the outer cosmetic products and recipe have antibacterial action. But these drugs are very weak antiseptics, inhibit the growth of microorganisms selectively. This means that killing one type of bacteria, they leave "live" with the other, and they feel at ease on the skin, so that recovery does not occur. In addition, the environment of such tools is often very aggressive (for example, an alcohol or acid), which means that they will not be used for more effective concentration the skin just can't take this. The result is a burn (at best) or severe, requiring prolonged treatment (in the worst case).

That is why acne treatment widely used antibiotics – a substance, designed to destroy pathogenic microbes and acting only on bacteria. They are used externally for mild form, inside in advanced cases. Of course, you need to consult a dermatologist as antibiotics are many and they differ in the mechanism of action, apply them uncontrollably not.

Therapy of acne is based on the use of antibiotics that block protein synthesis in bacteria, encourage the growth of acne, but does not affect these processes in humans. There are special antibioticsdesigned to treat mild forms of acne and acne. The most common of them is erythromycin.

This component along with the zinc acetate is included in the product "Zener". The erythromycin effect on bacteria, stopping their growth. "Zener" is produced by Dutch company Astellas, which is the quality of their products. The concentration of erythromycin in the "Siderite is 4%, and zinc – reaches 1.2%. Thanks to the zinc acetate antibiotic penetrates better into the skin and is astringent and improves the healing process of the skin (scars and marks from acne). "Zener" can be used for self - treatment at home, it is sold without prescription, and the price is 400 — 600 rubles.

Use correctly — instructions for use

"Zener" is a set includes vials with the solvent and the powder, and also applicator.

  1. Read carefully the instruction attached to the kit and follow its instructions.
  2. Clean the skin at the site of application.
  3. Apply the lotion on the affected area (the whole). To do this, tilt the bottle down and press it gently to the skin – so means impregnated mesh part. The rate of application is governed by the powerpush. Single dose is about 0.5 ml. in Total the solution 30 ml – ie, 60 times. The solution after drying becomes invisible. Use "Zener" 2 times a day for 10 weeks.
  4. Do not use the medicine for longer than an appointed term, except in special cases (doctor's orders).

The first results appear after 2 weeks the skin will even disappear small inflammation, a major will dry out and diminish. Starts to reduce the oiliness of the skin.

The benefits of using "Zinerit"

  1. Can be used with other topical agents (together or in turns);
  2. Colorless and does not Shine;
  3. You can apply in pregnancy, lactation;
  4. Combined with cosmetic products (can be applied on top of makeup);
  5. Cooked lotion can be stored for 5 weeks.
  6. Overdose is unlikely.
  7. Not established interactions with other drugs.

The reviews about the drug are very positive. Many have noticed results after the first week of treatment, but also claimed pinning effect.

Side effects

  1. Skin irritation, burning sensation, dryness at the site of application;
  2. The itching and redness.

When these symptoms do not require withdrawal of the drug. When dry, it is recommended during the day to apply any moisturizer.


  1. Hypersensitivity to macrolides;
  2. Hypersensitivity to erythromycin and zinc.

Using Zinerit" possible cross-resistance to antibiotics-macrolides (clindamycin, lincomycin), i.e. develop resistance to them. May occur increased sensitivity to these antibiotics.

The drug should not get into eyes or on mucous membranes, it can cause burns.

Thus, the "Zener" is an effective tool in the fight against acne and acne, it has a low likelihood of adverse action, and the result is visible very quickly.