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Does the transfusion of blood (autohaemotherapy) from acne?

perelivanie krovi ot pryshejAutohaemotherapy or a blood transfusion is used to treat acne, difficult healing wounds, purulent skin diseases, chronic inflammations and improve immunity, it is very good help.

Indications for blood transfusion

  1. Pimples, acne, furunculosis, intractable to traditional treatment;
  2. Dermatitis, wounds;
  3. Frequent colds, low immunity.

Scheme autohemotherapy

  1. Intravenously;
  2. Subcutaneous;
  3. Intramuscularly.

A blood transfusion may be performed using other additional components that enhance therapeutic effect. This can be ultraviolet light, ozone, and application of homeopathy.

How does it work?

The effectiveness of this method is due to the inclusion of "protection" of the organism to any alien object. The result is the activation of immune and metabolic processes. The essence is that you enter your own blood taken from the vein. It also contains harmful substances (toxins, by-products, poisons). Due to this, stimulates protective forces, immunity improves, this gives a favourable effect in the treatment of acne and is achieved therapeutic effect.

The methodology of the

The first day you take 1-2 ml of blood from a vein and injected into the buttock (intramuscularly). Daily was added 1 ml, so 10 days. I.e. on the last day injected 10 ml. In some cases, continue to the introduction of blood by decreasing – reduces to 1 ml. Then it is a step autohaemotherapy. The strict schema is not here, the methodology can be adjusted by yourself, of course, after the consultation with an experienced specialist.

The procedure is best done in hospital, but at home, if they meet all the rules of sterility.


This resolves in the gluteal muscle very slowly, so remain a little temporary seal. They bring discomfort. The particular soreness may occur after administration of 6 ml of blood. To minimize the side effects, you can use a heating pad after the procedure, compresses with alcohol, to grind and mash the shot manually. Helps iodine mesh.

Statistics show that acne the blood transfusion helps 80%.

Contraindications of the method

  1. Acute inflammatory phenomena;
  2. Oncology;
  3. Pregnancy and lactation;
  4. Chronic illnesses in a serious form.

Before deciding on a transfusion, be sure to hand over the General analysis of blood (to clarify the hemoglobin level). If it is at a normal level and other contraindications, the doctor will give the nod to the carrying out of autohemotherapy. And then, perhaps, you finally get rid of acne.