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Clean the nose of blackheads at home quickly and efficiently

chernye tochki na nosuPeople with oily skin and increased sebum secretion are often formed comedones – grease tube, the tops of which become black because of the admixture of dirt, dust, particles, cosmetics and exfoliated epidermis. Usually black spots appear on the nose – to get rid of them forever impossible, but regular cleansing and pores will help reduce their appearance, the skin will look healthy and the complexion will improve. To carry out the procedure should be daily, so periodic visits to the cosmetologist will give a short-term effect. Now let's see how to get rid of blackheads on nose at home? Try a comprehensive program using available funds.


Raspravam face

The main method of dealing with blackheads is facial cleansing. Only regular removing them can cope with their number, makes the skin smooth, the complexion healthy, aesthetically appealing. Easiest black dots squeeze – you can do it at home, given all the rules of disinfection. But the face should be before that to prepare is to steam so that the pores expanded, and grease tube moved easily, without effort, after a light pressing. Basic steamed procedure:

  • Steam bath – in a small saucepan boil water, add a spoonful of herbal blend (chamomile, sage, St. John's wort), a drop of essential oil of eucalyptus, tea tree or lemon. Bend over a saucepan, cover your head with a thick towel and breathe in the hot air for 15 minutes.
  • "Hot" mask, you will need finished formulations with depairing effect. It may be industrial mask with blue clay, "hot" scrubs, special steamed strips.
  • A visit to the baths, saunas, the use of hot compresses. During hygiene procedures under the influence of steam and water occurs in the pores – the effect is equivalent to the action of steam baths for the face. Combine the bathing, sauna and execution of cosmetic procedures – the benefits will be double. As a compress use hot decoction of chamomile – press in it, folded several times a piece of gauze, apply it on the face. Change the compress after it cools down.

Squeezing correctly

Once the pores are expanded, start squeezing blackheads – hand wash, wrap the tips of your fingers sterile gauze pad, soak them in a solution of hydrogen peroxide or in a special antiseptic lotion. Remove only those eelsthat lend themselves well to press with your fingers on both sides of black point. If some comedones have not managed to squeeze out first time, then leave them – excessive zeal can lead to the formation of acne inflammation and scarring. The treated skin wipe solution of salicylic acid, tonic for oily skin or an astringent extract. After cleaning, do notuse makeup, give your face a rest.

Patch — alternative to steaming

An alternative to steam cleaning is cleansing the patch – it should be sticked on the back and wings of the nose, endure the allotted instruction time and dramatically to remove. Such strips can make your own mixture of gelatin and warm milk, stir thoroughly, put the composition for 10 minutes in the microwave. Warm swollen mass put on nose, wait for complete hardening of the mask and remove the gelatinous film together with stick to it in black tubes. Also for home use designed machine with vacuum effect – special nozzle creates a negative pressure, whereby the tubes are pulled out of the pores.

To clean with subsequent squeezing is recommended once every one to two weeks – more frequent steaming can lead to expansion of the pores and exacerbate the situation. Steam cleaning can be combined with other ways of getting rid of comedones.

Lightening the way to get rid of blackheads

To clean the pores and make the top sebaceous plugs light will help the special procedures. Pour into small Cup of the usual soap baby soap, free of fragrances and dyes. Add half a teaspoon of fine salt and soda. A cotton pad, moisten this mixture, squeeze lightly and go over the skin with gentle, circular movements, without pressure. After 3 minutes, rinse your face with cool water.

Black dots can discolor and make them less noticeable with lemon juice – dilute it with water in equal parts, wipe your face once a day. Instead of juice you can use a liquid solution of ascorbic acid. The hydrogen peroxide solution should only be used if your skin is very oily part very dry. Take breaks for two to three weeks so as not to disturb the water balance of the skin.

Cleansing mask for face

In between cleansing the face, do a simple mask that will keep skin clean, nourish and moisturize it.

The compositions for cleansing:

  • Grits – crushed flakes dilute with warm milk to a thick pulp, apply on the nose, leave on for a few minutes. Remove the mask with water.
  • Clay – powdered mass of hydrate, lubricate the nose, hold until dry, then clean with a soft, damp, porous sponge.
  • Honey – liquid composition was spread over the nose, perform a patting motion with the fingertips until until on hands appears thick white lumps. Wash with warm water.
  • Rice – in the evening separte a spoonful of rice in the morning, drain the water, and the resulting mass of grease, the wings of the nose and back. After 15 minutes you can wash.
  • Juice of coriander and turmeric – equal parts of the liquids mix, use composition for daily wiping areas with clusters of black dots.

Brightening mask

  • Kefir or yogurt can be used instead of soap foam in the morning and as a mask. Spread the nose, wait until the yogurt dries, then rinse.
  • Sour cream, salt and two tablespoons of sour cream, mix with a spoonful of coarse salt. Wipe your nose two times a week.
  • Aloe and lemon: whisk egg white, two tablespoons of lemon juice and aloe juice. Divide the mass into two parts – lubricate the nose structure, and after drying apply a second layer.
  • Tomato – juicy mash one tomato and apply the pulp on the skin. Rinse after 5 minutes.
  • The potatoes for 10 minutes on the face grated on a fine grater raw potatoes.

Apply the mask either separately or steamed after treatments – steaming, the skin is more susceptible to any influence. Afterany procedure should lubricate the face with a disinfectant solution.

Tightening procedure

To reduce the size of pores, tighten them and prevent a possible infection, you should use special formulations. After cleaning the skin can be treated whipped egg white, which when dry forms a thin film, or a piece of herbal ice. Prepare a disinfectant lotion of cucumber juice and vodka (2:1), use it for periodic cleansing during the day. In an antiseptic suitable mixture of tincture of calendula and mineral water (tablespoon per Cup).

Remember that the black dots on your nose can be the result not only of improper care, but also a consequence of hormonal problems, poorly chosen cosmetics.