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How to lighten your skin at home

kak otbelit kozhu lica domaExcess skin pigmentation is a frequent cause of discontent with their appearance in women and often they wonder: "How to whiten skin at home?". To answer this question it is impossible. On the one hand, it is possible and there are a lot of ways. But on the other, there are cases when the cause of increased pigmentation are diseases or congenital anomalies of the skin, then the beauty can not help.

Causes of increased pigmentation

The causes can be inborn – it freckles and tan skin.

But most of the increased pigmentation is acquired:

  • Hormonal changes lead to the appearance of patchy pigmentation. For example, spot pregnant women and the elderly.
  • Diseases of the liver and biliary tract, prolonged intoxication (e.g., tuberculosis, helminth infection).
  • Diseases of the nervous system.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Hyperpigmentation after cured skin diseases (eczema, pyoderma, burns).
  • Vitamin imbalance.
  • Prolonged use of certain medications.
  • Ultraviolet radiation in large doses.

As you can see, there are cases when bleaching your face from age spots will be possible only after the recovery of the body.

Long ago, when beauty salons are still not invented, bleaching events were held at home, though with great success. They sparing, but usually require a longer time to achieve the effect. All the procedures associated with face care: cleansing, nourishment and protection, should be directed to bleach it from dark spots.

How to lighten the face, cleansing it

Every morning and evening, the face should be wiped with a whitening lotion. Here are some recipes:

  • In yoghurt drench a cotton swab and careful movements on massage lines from the bottom up to wipe the face. Tampons can change several times. Rinse face with a weak solution of salt, wet cloth and apply moisturizer if skin is dry. This lotion year-round can benefit the owners of freckles.
  • Milk, diluted half with water, wipe the face and do not rinse.
  • Diluted lemon juice, grapefruit, cabbage, parsley broth, solution of sea salt is also cleaned and bleached.
  • Cucumber infusion. It can be stored for a long time, not bothering to daily cooking. Cucumber cut into small pieces and pour vodka, insist in a dark place for 10-12 days, strain and use to bleaching, cleansing and nourishing the skin. When dry, the infusion can be added to the cream.

In addition to daily cleaning lotions applied peeling – deep skin cleansing. The procedure is carried out 1 time a week (for normal or oily type) and 1 time in 2 weeks when dry. But how to lighten your skin without hurting her? This uses gentle natural scrubs, possessing bleaching properties. It's oatmeal, bran, grinded the bones of almonds, mixed with yogurt or sour cream (if dry).

Or another recipe – tablespoon of sea salt mix with olive oil, add the lemon juice. This scrub brightens, tones and nourishes the skin.

To correctly do the peeling, apply the scrub and leave it for a few minutes and then using light, circular movements to massagethe face and rinse with cool decoction of leaves of dandelion, lemon juice, cucumber or grapefruit.

Skin nutrition

To ensure proper care, you need the power. The best method is a hydrating mask. Long experience has shown that the use of natural components more effective and absolutely harmless.

To whiten face pigment spots apply whitening mask. The face must be cleaned with a lotion (recommended above) is applied to the heated mixture, starting from the neck to the hairline on the forehead, leaving the lips and the eye area free. After 15-20 minutes the mask is removed with a spatula (if thick) or swab. It's enough to use 2 times a week.

The face after the mask, wipe the cold bleaching lotion or apply a cold herbal compress, to apply cream with added essential oils. The mask is best done in the evening, since a few hours the epidermis is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Recommended courses for 8-10 masks in a week, their composition is changing.

Effective mask for age spots

  • Cottage cheese mask suitable for all skin types. Mix cottage cheese with milk and salt.
  • Cottage cheese mixed with parsley juice.
  • Curd grind with finely cut dandelion greens. This mask is very suitable to lighten freckles.
  • Yeast mixed with lemon juice or red currant.
  • In case of strong pigmentation of the more effective masks with hydrogen peroxide. They are suitable for oily-type: yeast diluted with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide to the consistency of thick cream.
  • Cucumber with peel grate, add 1/4 teaspoon boric acid, spread on gauze and apply on face.
  • Starch mixed with honey, add salt and milk. The resulting mixture is applied in several layers, preventing drying.
  • In the milk add the liquid honey and lemon juice.
  • Rolled oats soaked in fresh tomato juice.
  • Protein-lemon, protein-salt masks.
  • The pulp of the banana grind with sour cream – perfect whitening and nourishing mask.

Apply masks and other fruits and vegetables, but note that lotions and masks of natural origin have not only whitening effect, but also moisturize, nourish, refresh and tone your face.

Complement the whitening effect of the essential oil that you add to the cream. Effective oil of all citrus fruits, parsley, mint, rosemary, sandalwood, turmeric, oregano and vanilla. It is enough to add 1 drop of one oil for 5 grams of the cream.

Of the sensitivity requires lightening dark circles under the eyes. In this case, the well will help mask of mashed potatoes with finely sliced parsley.

Skin protection

When going outside, even in winter, but Sunny days, protection from UV radiation with sunscreen.

Prevention of excessive pigmentation:

  1. To treat diseases of the internal organs and skin.
  2. To protect exposed skin from the sun.
  3. In the summer, to try as much as possible time is on the street from 10 to 17 o'clock.
  4. To use sunscreen.
  5. Not to visit the Solarium.

Now you know how to whiten skin at home and understand that it is effective, harmless and economical.