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What cleaning cleanser to choose — in the salon or at home?

chistka lica ot pryshejCleaning your face from acne today, one of the most popular procedures, since such a problem as inflammation and pimples affects most people. In fact, it can be hold in the office of professional cosmetologist and independently. The choice of method of controlling problems of the skin depends on your desires and material possibilities.

The cleaning person in the cabin

Cabin cleaning is quite a popular cosmetic procedure among women suffering from acne and other troubles.

As a result of such a classic beauty treatments:

  • removed annoying to the eye, black spots;
  • dead skin cells;
  • improves overall blood circulation and metabolism.

Main methods of cleaning the face, which can offer skin care clinics and salons are divided into the following types:

  1. Mechanical cleaning, which is performed according to the same principle as the house himself, but in a more sterile environment and hands of a specialist. On the skin of various drugs or thermally in order for it to steam and then remove the blackheads. After a mechanical impact is applied, a soothing mask, the pores narrowed and blocked again
  2. Vacuum cleaning is carried out using a special tube under the action of the vacuum removes dirt from the pores. This type of procedure is recommended only with mild acne and a small contamination since.
  3. Ultrasonic cleaning is considered an advanced technique in cosmetology as it can not only effectively cleanse the pores and get rid of nasty acne, but it is possible to smooth out wrinkles and get great anti-aging effect.
  4. Chemical cleaning be conducted with the use of special compositions on the basis of fruit acids that affect the skin pores, opening and purifying them from small contaminants. Applied during the procedure mask effectively softens the epidermis and contribute to the rapid dissolution of the deposits. In the end, on the face apply a special firming maskthat tightens pores and establishes the result.
  5. Manual cleaning of the face from acne is the most ruthless method of dealing with acne. After the conference, you may see redness or swelling, in rare cases, remain the scars, despite the fact that the beautician must use different means to mitigate discomfort during the procedure.

The cost of the procedure depends on its type, degree of complexity of the work, as well as the cost of funds to be used for specific skin type.

Cleaning from acne at home

The process of cleaning the face at home not a complicated process, the main thing is to approach it head-on. To find suitable treatments for funds, you must determine your skin type and what kind of cleanser would suit You better:

  • tonic;
  • gel cleanser;
  • foam;
  • lotion.

If Your skin is not whimsical, the choice is much easier. You should pay attention to such well-establishedthemselves manufacturers of cosmetics, as "Clean & Clean", "Proactiv" and "Nivea". They have quite a long lead time in the market to deal with acne quite successfully they do it.

Where to start?

To begin the procedure of cleansing the skin from acne, you must first remove all makeup and small particles of dirt that had accumulated during the day. For these purposes, use a cleansing lotion or a cosmetic milk, pomassirovti problem areas, rinse tools with warm water. After cleaning, wait 15-20 minutes and apply a tonic against acne on your problem skin.

Such a procedure for the cleansing of facial skin can be performed regularly at home that will be a great prevention and relieve Your skin from further problems. The basic rule of cleansing your face which should be observed is in any case not squeeze pimples, as this excess damage to the skin and provocation of inflammatory processes.

But if we had to remove some ulcers, then be sure to treat them with a disinfectant solution and then treat the sore spot a piece of ice to tighten pores.

No matter how simple and affordable didn't seem like acne treatment at home compared with treatment of this problem, in a cosmetic organization, it's worth understanding that You can only solve the immediate problem, but its cause remains. Therefore, it is recommended contacting a specialist that will help You to get rid of acne once and for all.