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How best to apply salicylic acid for acne?

salicilovaya kislota ot pryshejSalicylic acid (or salicylic alcohol) is an inexpensive and effective tool for the treatment of pimples and blackheads. It is sold in every pharmacy for the price of 20 — 30 roubles, has anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and antibacterial action. It also helps in the treatment of the consequences of pimples, lighten spots.

This substance infrequently used one, usually add another drug for better results.

When can help salicylic acid?

  1. If papules and pustules;
  2. When spots from acne (pigmentation);
  3. When black spots;
  4. With oily skin, increased sebum secretion.

Use it together with tools such as glycolic acid, allows to achieve very good effect. There is an effect of peeling, the skin gets rid of comedones that cause the development of inflammation. It also improves the skin's ability to regenerate. This method is suitable for almost everyone – as for people suffering from light acne and in more severe cases. The problem is not compounded.

If used incorrectly (especially dosage) salicylic acid can dry up the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to observe elementary rules.

Tips for use

  1. Do not use alcohol tincture (easily dry delicate skin);
  2. If you already use any medication for the treatment of acne, causing you dry, from the treatment of salicylic acid is yet to give. Dry skin is more susceptible to the occurrence of pimples. And from dryness helps Drops or other ointments on the basis of panthenol.
  3. The therapeutic effect is achieved and at a 1-2% concentration of the solution, no need to make it higher again – only achieve the dryness and unpleasant consequences.

It is better to buy?

  1. Alcohol-free lotion with salicylic alcohol. It is usually available for different skin types. You can buy at the pharmacy.
  2. A means for peeling with salicylic and glycolic acid. A combination of 2 acids will do wonders for you, well-cleaned pores and skin breathe. Choose the brand according to your preferences.
  3. Salicylic ointment. But be careful with it – it is a very powerful tool, improper use of which can cause burns. Zinc and sulphur included in the composition of ointments, very dry skin – so think and think again before you take money with them.

How to use products with salicylic acid

  • The lotion must be applied by wiping the skin with a cotton pad 2 times a day. If you are using any medicinal product, apply it just after using the lotion.
  • Peeling should be used strictly according to the instructions (supplied with the tool) to avoid adverse events.
  • The perfect solution – a homemade mask with salicylic acid. You can do the following. Dilute the mask with clay and fresh-water sponge with warm water and add a few drops of salicyl alcohol. Take clay according to your skin type. So kill 2 birds with one stone – and comedones threatened, and postcritically spots to get rid of. This mask is better to do once a week.


As with any remedy, salicylic acid can cause unpleasant effects. It can be:

  1. Irritation of the skin;
  2. The dryness of the skin;
  3. Itching and peeling;
  4. Redness;
  5. The appearance of new acne.
  6. Burn.

These effects often occur in violation of the rules of use of the tool. Don't forget that it's still acid, and follow the exact dosage and time of exposure. Do not apply the mask at night – there is a probability that you will fall asleep and will remain on your face. It often happens that the "heroes" kept on the person of the drug longer than necessary, believing that the increase in the duration of the procedure is directly proportional with the quality of treatment. This is not so. You will make it worse – get a burn that will heal long.

What to do if there is unpleasant consequences?

First, stop using the remedy with salicylic acid. Secondly, try to moisturize the skin and protect it. You can try to apply the usual cream.

Remember that when used properly, the probability of adverse effects is minimal, and with proper application will be successful.