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Which mask against blackheads is right for you: with gelatin, soda or egg?

maska ot chernyh tochek v domashnih usloviyahMasks of blackheads at home is a good option for getting rid of nasty problems for those who are not in a hurry to run to the pharmacy and buy drugs based on chemistry. It is right for many reasons, but the main always remains that such cosmetics for the face can be dangerous to your skin. Another thing – the people's medicine. The chance that it will fail much less. This treatment you can easily do yourself at home, you can also pick up an effective and enjoyable way for yourself is, perhaps, the main advantages of traditional medicine. It will not be dangerous for you if the prescription will be picked up correctly. That is not contain ingredients to which you may have allergies. Be sure to check that you can use and is strictly forbidden. Because otherwise, you will make yourself worse. Irritation, rash, terrible redness and burning pain gentle skin – who needs it? Mask is necessary to choose wisely and to each skin type needs its own approach. To consult with a specialist is the most sensible step that you can do.

Delve into the topic of cleansing the face from the blackheads through the use of masks that can be made.

What is black spots and why they appear?

The language of medicine referred to as comedones. Vulnerable to attack the skin they can for many reasons, but main of them – the clogging of pores with excess sebum and minute particles of dust and clogging dead cells of the epidermis. In the result, the pores become dirty color and thus creating the effect of visibility of black dots. Very much the appearance of comedones affects people with a genetic predisposition to them. Find out from parents whether this factor in your case. If so, before beginning any treatment, including traditional medicine, it is recommended to consult a specialist – dermatologist who can advise you and suggest the best method of treating the skin. This advice also applies to those who have suspicion that the problem of comedones caused by changes in hormonal background or strong stress. All this seriously affects the skin and makes it vulnerable. A dermatologist can advise you a completely different methods of treatment, including folk remedies. Comedones can appear as a result of unhealthy food, the use of poor-quality cosmetics for the face, like creams, powders and correctors. Do not delay getting rid of cosmetics that are bad for you, and as soon as possible eliminate from your diet the junk food. Often skin problems are aggravated by lack of care for her.

Learn to carefully care for the skin

The desire for clean and beautiful skin naturally. But what to do if trouble in the form of comedones did not pass? The first requires thorough and gentle care. And gels, scrubs, tonics for daily use – it all seems fine, but gives only a superficial cleaning, after which the oil remains in the pores. Of course, you can make an appointment for my facial, which will treat your skin beauty products. The difference between them and those that are sold in pharmacies and boutiquescosmetic brands, only that estheticians use the professional and more expensive cosmetics. Of course, professional cleaning will help you to get rid of many of the most visible and large black dots, but this would be short-lived. When irritation occurs after cleaning, take place, the comedones will come out, perhaps even with greater force than before. So after all this, you will require further care for my skin. Can't you keep walking to the reception to the beautician? First, it is a big waste of money and time. Much more convenient and easier – independently engage in the treatment. After all this, all that is required to pay daily care for about twenty minutes or less. It takes so much time, the face mask against blackheads. It is easy to prepare from available tools (even if something is not, it can be easily purchased at any pharmacy) and operates it could not be carefully, carefully and most importantly efficiently. Using the mask every day, you will not only cleanse the skin from annoying blackheads, but also prevent the emergence of new. Plus, you will learn how to care for and look after themselves.

Popular recipes of masks from black dots

Many of the recipes from invented the "grandmothers of our grandmothers is a popular stop for our generation. Because they are simple, don't require much cost and work effectively. They are all safe and do not contain ingredients that can cause allergies or irritation.

It is important to know that any mask should be applied to clean, pre-washed face and damp skin. If fear of discomfort, then rasparte skin before applying.

Choose for yourself any mask prescription and get the treatment, following all the instructions, and then you will achieve the desired result – healthy, clean and beautiful skin of their dreams.

Tip: after application, ensure the skin rest and try not to strain your facial muscles.

Mask with gelatin

For cooking take milk and half a tablespoon of gelatin. Mix these two ingredients, given that gelatin should be completely dissolved in the milk. Put the mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds. Then allow to cool down completely. Apply a thin layer of the mask on the region of the cluster of black spots with cosmetic cotton pad or make-up brushes and keep for ten minutes.
Remove frozen in the face of rigid tape with a sharp movement upwards, carefully lift out nails. If you did everything right, you will see the removal of the film, released from the pores blackheads. It is recommended then to put on the face moisturizing cream to avoid the red light. Gelatin great mask to cleanse your skin in just a few applications and give it a soft and velvet. She is your "first aid"; a real godsend for those who need to put a face on urgently.

Mask with baking soda

Mask with baking soda blackheads – one of the most popular recipes. It is simple, because its preparation does not require supernatural ingredients that you can't find at home. This recipe comes in two versions, and you can feel free to choose the one that will attract more members.

Note: in any case, do not use this mask if you have inflammation or pimples. Otherwise, it will cause you harm than good.

  1. The first option
    For this, you will need oatmeal, one teaspoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of lemon juice and a little milk (or yogurt). The flakes must finely grind in a blender and mix with the other ingredients in a convenient bowl.
    Milk and yogurt are added to the mixture to consistencywas very easy to apply on the face. By the way, they can substitute lemon juice if you have not found the house. Then the mask will be softer, but less effective.
  2. The second option
    For this, you will need a good gel cleanser. It is recommended to not buy it in the store, and the boutique brand of cosmetics, you trust.
    Mix with a small amount of gel tablespoon of baking soda and the same amount of salt.
    Decided on option and already made the team? The time to act. Apply a mask of baking soda on the soiled areas of the face and cosmetic cotton pads. It should be hold on the face not less than five but not more than ten minutes. Don't be afraid when you feel the tingling, it means that the soda penetrates into the pores. Rinse it with warm water.

Mask with baking soda can be used not more than twice a week. The result will be noticeable after the first use, some pores will be cleansed, and the number of black pixels is significantly reduced.

Mask with egg

Perhaps the most simple mask, because for cooking you will need nothing in addition to eggs and paper napkins or towels. The cooking easy as ABC. You need to gently separate the yolk and protein, then protein whip. Narva paper into small equal pieces. Apply protein on the skin, especially contaminated with pimples. Then, quickly cover the areas with pieces of paper directly on top of a layer of protein. Ensure that the paper adheres to the skin, as tightly as possible. Avoid eyebrows, otherwise you risk to pull them out by the root when you remove the mask. Apply protein again, on top of pieces of paper. This mask of blackheads you need to keep for twenty minutes. Be patient and try to relax facial muscles. When time passes, gently remove from the face of the stubborn paper. May slightly pre-moisten it, so that the procedure does not seem so painful. Remnants rinse with cool water.

Choose any vending option masks or pereproshit all, then to give preference to one. Most importantly, exactly follow the instructions. Good luck!