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Why the sweet pimples and how to fight them?

pryshi ot sladkogo i shokoladaPerfect skin is everyone's dream. Even tone, without any redness, acne and pimples are the characteristics of healthy and that is important, beautiful person. But if during puberty when the human body have many changes, the imperfections of the skin is widespread and common in more Mature age, these deficiencies should be a serious reason to think about the cause of acne.

Lifestyle, environment, personal hygiene and used food – all this affects the condition will be skin. Moreover, the last factor in the list is the food, not the last effect on the beauty.

Acne and sweet – there's a connection?

Very often you can hear that the key to clean skin is healthy. And with this statement is impossible to disagree. Pimples from sweet and flour appear quite often. The moments of joy you get when eating chocolate cake or caramel candies can become the long months of struggle with them.

But why the sweet pimples? The reasons can be several and they are all in some way connected with hormones:

  • Androgens. It is a male sex hormone that also in small quantity is present in a woman's body. But, in the case of the problems associated with the endocrine system, they may develop more. The consequence of this is increased activity of the sebaceous glands, causing the skin begins to look bad and disturbed carbohydrate metabolism in the body. Sweet in this case becomes a provocateur of new acne.
  • Insulin. This hormone promotes the growth of sebaceous glands and the accumulation of sugar in the body. Sweet Wednesday is a magnet for germs which accumulate and cause the appearance on the skin of unsightly blemishes.

Can be pimples from sweet? Can. Pimples from chocolate, sweets, biscuits and other delicious pleasures of life.

How to get rid of acne

Probably everyone has noticed at least once, as after eating sweet on the skin appear redness. But this is isolated cases. That is, if a person has good skin, and after that extra piece of cake there are a couple of pimples – this is a normal situation that requires a more thorough external care and, possibly, the handling of the day.

But more common are those cases when combating acne becomes a matter of every day. And no matter how perfect and thoughtful was not a facial, these enemies of beauty still refuse to leave the skin. This is the first call to the fact that the problem of the origin of the inflammation associated with internal processes in the body.

Diet – terrible, at first glance, the word can be a great solution not only for getting rid of excess weight. If the connection is sweet and pimples constantly observed, that, in the first place, it is necessary to limit itself in its use. Of course, it is quite difficult for the sweet-toothed. But no need to sit on unsweetened diet drastically – is to gradually replace products: milk chocolate – bite of bitter, with a high content of cocoa drink green tea without sugar and biscuits replace fruits. Foods high in carbohydrates, which basically is sugar, should be replaced with food high in protein: cheese, yogurt, kefir, which can be slightly sweeten with honey.

Sweet should cease to be an end in itself. At first the plan needs to extend the beauty and clean skin. If the result of such food is not long to wait, so, you should make the diet a way of life and feel always beautiful and healthy.

In cases wherea balanced diet does not help, you need to immediately consult a doctor. Perhaps the cause of the inflammation is in more serious problem requiring emergency intervention.