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Why there are brown spots on the face

prichiny pigmentnyh pyaten na liceThe cause of age spots on the face in women can be caused by a variety of factors, and not all members of the fairer sex, the appearance of annoying spots triggered by similar motives. This is due primarily to the fact that modern medicine at the moment there are quite a large number of physiological processes and external reasons for the appearance of the skin pigmentation. To say exactly what they appear rather problematic, because the causes can lie in the individual characteristics of the skin, and in the use of any drugs or cosmetics.

The main reasons for the formation

  1. Pregnancy;
  2. A lack of folic acid;
  3. Sun exposure;
  4. Poor quality cosmetics and perfumes;
  5. Harmful personal care products;
  6. The use of hormones and antibiotics.
  7. A strong tan.


Often the formation of age spots or chloasma, that is the name they have received in modern medicine, associated with pregnancy. It is worth noting that they appear from the first days of pregnancy, are of irregular shape and different from each other in size. According to experts, the increased pigmentation may be present on the skin, as during pregnancyand persist after delivery. In most cases, brown spots on face after giving birth gradually begin to shrink in size and change its color to a more pale hue, and then finally disappear. However, there are cases when the pigmentation persists for years after birth, but usually this is caused by the appearance of new stimuli.

A lack of folic acid in the body

The formation of age spots can be caused by lack of folic acid in the body, however, the lack of this substance can cause more serious problems than spots on the face. Folic acid is essential for the health and development of the organism, due to its presence in the body of a person is important during periods of rapid development. Therefore, chloasma can be caused by problems with the blood and the immune system.

The harmful effects of the sun

Malicious ultraviolet effects of the sun's rays is one of the most common factors that cause increased pigmentation on the skin, and, in that case, if the pigment spots are already present on the skin, sun exposure will make them even more visible and most distinct. The sun is most dangerous and causes the skin maximum damage in the period from the beginning of April to the end of August, and it was during this period in most cases, and formed chloasma.

Toilet preparations and cosmetics of low quality

Cheap and poor quality cosmetics, however, as the perfumes from the same price segment, characterized in that during its production, the specific and harmful to the skin chemical elements that exclusively affect the condition of the skin that provokes the appearance of age spots.

Harmful substances in the composition of personal care products

Strong enough softening and whitening mask, as well as shampoos, liquid Soaps and moisturizers can act as a strong irritant for the skin. The reason is, that today personal care products are widelydifferent fragrances and different chemical aromatic elements which can provoke the appearance of age spots.

Antibiotics and hormonal drugs

Quite often the cause of age spots on the face lies in the hormonal medicines, which are becoming more and more common in the domestic market. Do not forget that the reception of antibiotics, coupled with strong UV exposure also can cause the manifestation on the facial skin spots.

A strong tan

Increased pigmentation can occur after prolonged exposure to the sun, and, even in cases of use of special means to prevent sunburn. This may be as a reaction to ultraviolet rays and sunscreen.