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Apple cider vinegar for acne and blackheads: application, reviews, contraindications

yablochnyj uksus ot pryshejMany people in the fight against acne are addicted to chemical drugs and hard drugs, forgetting that their own kitchen is a wonderful remedy for acne – Apple cider vinegar. It has many effects.

Properties of Apple cider vinegar which give it its therapeutic effect

  1. Toning effect;
  2. Disinfectant action;
  3. Exfoliating effect.
  4. Cleansing – opens pores and fights blackheads.
  5. Reduces the oiliness of the skin, giving a matte finish.

They help to dry up pimples and achieve cleansing. The main advantage of Apple cider vinegar – the creation of an acidic environment, so a "favorite" oily skin. So it is an excellent remedy to clean the skin, to the same cheap and common everywhere.

How to cook Apple cider vinegar?

For use in cosmetics applied only natural product. Of course, if you do it yourself, cooking will take a long time, but you're sure it's a real product. Methods of making Apple cider vinegar a lot, but the most popular is the following. It is also called Russian.

The most important thing is time and a little patience. You will need apples, preferably grown outside the city and collected in the natural time of their maturation. Also perfect the windfalls and over-ripe fruit. Prepare the sugar with the yeast.

Chop the apples (including the core), put in a large enamel basin. Immediately fill with water (hot) and add sugar (100 g/ 1 kg of sour fruit and 50 g sweet). The water should cover the apples by about 3 cm, the Pelvis identify it in a warm place (but in the sun – not!), wait 2 weeks. What in the pelvis, it is necessary to interfere with a shovel regularly to keep the top layer of the apples are not dried up.

After 2 weeks you will have Apple wine. It is necessary to strain and pour into banks. Two weeks later, get Apple cider vinegar. You need to decant the bottles and seal with sterile corks. Store it at room temperature. Process, as can be seen, time-consuming and long, but it's worth it.

Recipes remedies for acne and blackheads

  1. Dilute Apple cider vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:5. Get a kind of lotion. They wipe the face. Attention! The lotion is stored in the refrigerator for 3 days!
  2. Take a handful of chamomile flowers, pour a glass of Apple cider vinegar. Leave in the fridge for 2 weeks. Dilute the resulting mixture was boiled water in a ratio of 1:4 and wipe your face.
  3. Very effective following mask. Mash several strawberries in a diluted Apple cider vinegar (1:2), give a good sit for 3 hours, apply for 20 minutes – not longer, as it may cause irritation). After removing the wash and then use any moisturizing cream.
  4. Add 5 tablespoons of vinegar 2 tsp of honey and 3 tbsp of flour from oatmeal. Mix, apply a mask for 20 min.
  5. Whisk 1 egg, add honey -1 tsp vinegar -1 tsp. Stir, wipe the skin regularly. Especially well it helps with Shine and unhealthy complexion.
  6. Peeling. 1 tbsp honey mixed with 1 tsp salt and 1 tbsp vinegar. Mix everything together, apply the face as a scrub. If you have severe inflammation, do not RUB much skin, just massage gently. Rinse your face with water.
  7. Take in equal proportions celandine herbs and succession, pour the Apple cider vinegar, let stand for 2 weeks. A mixture of dilute water in relation 1:4 and wipe your face. With thislotion will go away small red pimples, which are not extruded and at the same time not pass on their own.

Side effects

  1. Redness;
  2. Strong peeling;
  3. Irritation and itching of the skin;
  4. Red spots.

The appearance of these symptoms indicates that you are either broke dosage (took too much) or your skin is very sensitive to it. Try to dilute the medium more than specified in the recipe, and don't forget to apply cream after the procedure. Thus, it is possible to cope with the unpleasant consequences.


Not recommended for those with very thin skin who have a tendency to excessive irritation.

In all other cases, this tool should help – the main thing is to monitor the ratio of Apple cider vinegar and the rest of the liquid, then you will achieve a positive effect without unpleasant consequences.