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A review of drug Precept 911: composition, application, reviews, price

ugrisept 911Precept 911 is a relatively inexpensive but nevertheless extremely effective preparation. The patient feedback has had time to try this tool, sure it activity against comedones and acne. It is also worth noting that in each package there is a manual detailing the composition, application and contraindications. The price ranges from 52 — 65 RUB.

The composition and action

The main active ingredient is represented by zinc oxide and allantoin. Auxiliary substances that enhance the action of the product are tea tree oil, lemon and milk Thistle. As well as extracts of calendula, succession, chamomile, green tea and aloe, lavender oil, pyrrolidone carboxylates of zinc, vitamin E, diazolidinyl, iodopropynyl, etc.

Precept 911 effectively fights acne, thanks to the active substances contained in its composition. Each individual ingredient has a beneficial effect on the skin, and their combination allows to quickly reduce the inflammatory process. How are active substance Precept?

  • Oligosaccharide alpha-glucan — this connection provides a breeding ground for beneficial microflora, increasing the protective properties of the skin.
  • Isooctyl stearate — this ingredient is necessary in order to improve the application and distribution of funds. Performs the function kremoobraznogo component.
  • Dietilenglicol connection successfully suppresses the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Has fungicidal and antimicrobial effect on the microflora. Seborrhea effect combined with the normalization of the sebaceous glands.
  • Allantoin is a compound has a pronounced keratolytic effect. Softening the keratinized top layer of the epithelium and contributing to its rejection, allantoin frees clogged pores, facilitating expectoration of secretions of the sebaceous glands. As a result, the number of comedones is reduced and, consequently, inflammatory processes subside. Cleansing, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect.
  • Propylene glycol — maintains tissue moisture, preventing premature aging and dehydration of the tissues.
  • Pidolate zinc — is an antiseptic, and disinfecting the skin.

Indications and contraindications

This medicine is used to treat certain skin diseases.

  • Acne;
  • Comedones;
  • Seborrhea;
  • Some types of dermatitis.

Acne disease easy and moderate severity treatable Preceptor 911 without additional funds during the course of treatment. However, a severe form requires mandatory consultation with a dermatologist and determining the course of specific treatment.

The only contraindication to the use of the drug specialists have recognized the individual intolerance of its components.


Cream Agrisept 911 should be applied to clean, pre-prepared skin. This goal is cleansing with the use of foam or gel cleanser. In the presence of skin diseases you can consult a dermatologist and use a tool that he can recommend. In this case, the effect of the application Precept will be much higher. In some casesthe exfoliating preparations, in order to best prepare your skin for the application of funds.

On cleansed and dried skin, apply the cream Agrisept 911 with fingertips, spreading a thin layer on the lesion. Experts recommend to apply the product twice a day, with light circular movements gently massaging the damaged area. Light texture and the fact that the drug is well absorbed, allows to use it as a base under makeup during the day. It is recommended to be used at night, because this time the skin is resting and the action of the drug is most effective.

Do not apply a thick layer. Only a small amount. The excess can be removed with a cotton swab or cotton pad. Some patients can experience a peculiar tingling or tingling sensation after applying the cream.

Side effects

Clinically not revealed any adverse reactions caused by the use Agrisept 911.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Clinical studies aimed at establishing the safe use of Preparata in pregnancy and lactation have not been conducted. However, before you can use it in any of the above periods, you should consult with a specialist. After clinical assessment of the mother, the doctor on the basis of the obtained data will be able to make an informed decision about risk of using Agrisept to the fetus and the expected benefit of its application for mother. Only after that can its application.

Allergic reactions

Natural ingredients of the drug, as well as its synthetic components equally can be allergens to the body of the patient. You should read the manual which is attached to each package means and only then begin application of the cream. It is advisable before use to test for the presence of individual intolerance. A little cream should be applied to the inner side of the wrist and wait thirty, forty minutes. If during this time there was no redness, burning or swelling then it indicates the absence of allergic reactions to the medication.