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How to apply sulfur ointment for acne treatment

sernaya maz ot pryshejWith known antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of sulfur. Our grandmothers used a conventional earwax in order to "kill off" any pimple. And now, if you suddenly had a hint of "come" or rashes of herpes, but you don't have special tools, you can stop the infection with the help of his earwax.

In our day sulphur ointment is used for acne very extensively, and also used different magmasbased on it.

As with the treatment of any skin rashes, acne should be treated by dealing with the cause of their occurrence. It is better to consult a specialist dermatologist. He, in turn, may refer you to an endocrinologist if you suspect that the cause of acne is hormonal imbalance. It is also worth remembering that a sparing diet, hygiene and proper care of skin will facilitate the state, regardless of the causes of acne.

What helps the sulfur ointment?

So, sulfuric ointment copes with skin diseases in many cases:

  1. It treats seborrhea – a disease of the scalp, which is caused by the hypersecretion of sebum;
  2. You can use it to cure sycosis is a pustular infection, manifested mainly in the field of mustache and beard.
  3. Sulfur ointment prescribed for psoriasis is a chronic disease that is accompanied by numerous lesions on the skin.
  4. It helps with fungal diseases.
  5. Sulfur helps acne caused by Demodex.

Tips for use

We must remember that sulphur ointment is not applied under the bandage. Exactly how to treat depends on the individual characteristics of your body, particularly the skin. If the cause of the pimples that appeared, is a subcutaneous mite or a fungus, the standard treatment is its application 2-3 times a day. However, it is not washed off within 5 days. If you treat the skin under the clothes, the clothes should not be changed during this time. If the cause of skin inflammation is different, then the tool only needs to be applied on the pimples morning and night for 3-4 hours and then wash off.

Sulphur ointment has a peculiar strong smell of sulfur. Therefore, to conduct such thorough treatment is carried out during vacations or weekends, because when meeting other people from you will smell the sulfur. Few mute her scent various additives and perfumes. At the pharmacy you can find such a smelly sulfur ointment, but it can aggravate inflammation, so supplements can cause additional irritation.

How to make a mash on its basis?

Great reviews applications received after the Prater Park, prepared on the basis of ointment. It can cauterize an individual pimples with a cotton swab. In fact, you need to prepare two mash — one overnight and another day.

So, for making funds take 1 bottle 2% salicylic alcohol and 1 bottle of 3% boric acid, mix. Then pour the resulting liquid into two vials. In one vial add sulfuric ointment and the other with a salicylic-zinc. Proportion — 0.5 teaspoon ointment 30 ml.Strongly agitated. Sulfuric chatterbox yellow use at night, and zinc white in the daytime.

The treatment will be more effective if, in parallel, to take drugs that enhance the metabolism and cleansing the liver of toxins.


The tool should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. It is contraindicated for children under three years. Also sulfur ointment can cause allergic reaction in the form of stinging, redness and itching. So apply it should be cautious, having experienced first on a small area of the skin. To do this, apply some ointment to the area of the elbow bend for the night and in the morning, rate of reaction.