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Roaccutane acne — is the game worth the candle?

roakkutanRoaccutane is a drug of new generation that is taken inside courses. Abbreviated as ROA. Its action is based on temporary inhibition of function of sebaceous glands. This is a unique tool in the fight against acne, which belongs to the retinoid, and is very effective (looking for reviews).

In addition to reducing inflammation of the skin, ROA acts more deeply. In addition to reducing the sebaceous glands and it still reduces their size. Accepted the medicine in severe forms of acne and in the absence of results from other similar methods of treatment (often after taking antibiotics or other potent tools that treat acne.

It is important that the treatment with Roaccutane was carried out exclusively under the supervision of a physician and nothing else. Besides, not every dermatologist will prescribe you this treatment. The reasons for this are.


Ingested during a meal. When a strong acne 0.5 mg/kg per day or a couple of techniques for 2-4 weeks; after the dose is increased to 1mg/kg and the treatment last for 12-20 weeks. The maximum dose per day – 2 mg/kg. the Dose is adjusted based on individual tolerability. The effect typically becomes noticeable after 1-2 months of treatment. Sometimes, to achieve remission should be 4-5 months. If precipitation decreased significantly, at least 70% within 15-20 weeks stop drug use. With the resumption of the disease before re-treatment is necessary to take a break in 8 weeks.

Treatment may appoint a doctor, as:

  1. Not everyone can drink Roaccutane. People with diseases of the kidneys and liver it is prohibited.
  2. The dose is prescribed on the degree of lesions (no particular course, the dermatologist based on the research selects for each individual program).
  3. Cannot be used in other types of dermatitis, as it may be worsening.
  4. During the treatment the doctor checks you have observed the tests and monitors the level of lipids in the blood.

Side effects

Possible side effects of Roaccutane weight: dry mucous membranes, sweating, possible headache, decrease in vision, development of cataract, a change in the number of platelets, worsening of acne, increased cholesterol, pain in joints and muscles, nausea, you receive the apathy and despondency. The drug is forbidden to apply during pregnancyand the year before it, as Roaccutane can cause deformity of the fetus.

Another disadvantage is expensive cost of ROA. The price of the drug ranges from 4 thousand rubles. for packaging.

When this drug it is important to remember:

  1. Substances ROA accumulate in the liver, and thereby achieved the desired effect, which has long maintained after the end of therapy.
  2. Due to the suppression of sebaceous glands, the skin becomes vulnerable for external influences, begins to dry, so the skin need to constantly moisturize.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to be in the sun without a special sunscreen.
  4. Since the drug is almost entirely metabolized by the liver, it is necessary to refuse from harmful habits: do not smoke, do not drink and do not eat fatty foods.
  5. We need to abandon the hair removal with a laser, and with care to make the waxing as there is a possibility of damage to the skin.
  6. At the time you need to give up the sport and regular physical activity as components of ROA weaken muscles and cause bone fragility. As a consequence, possible sprains and fractures.


ROA can be used only in extreme cases. I wenta second course of treatment, as after 6 months after using it the skin is again deteriorated. The second course brought the expected results.

Saw the drug about a year ago. Side effects have arisen, well, if only slight redness and flaking. The face is still left perfectly clean. No rashes and no black points.

Roaccutane is the only thing that helped me. The rest of the ointment was complete bullshit. All acne disappeared within a month, although I suffered from acne for over 10 years.

I drink ROA for about 6 months, the result pleases me. All these scary stories about side effects is not justified. For me the main thing result, and it is, as they say, on the face. And in General, I think Smoking and drinking is much more harmful than the use of this drug. So feel free to use with Roaccutane and if all else fails.

I was prescribed this drug along with similar medications, as well as with the means to protect your face from the sun. Saw only 2 months – the result is like. I drink on.