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Regeln — getting rid of acne and wrinkles for little money!

regecin-gelThe gel includes sodium hydroxide, zinc chloride, carbopol and purified water. Namely, zinc is extremely important in its structure because it has healing properties and is very effective in dealing with both small inflammations of the skin and severe rashes.

Usually Regeln is available in tubes of 15 g, but you can meet packaging and 20 g.

What does this means?

This drug is widely used for the treatment of problem skin as well as prevent the spread of various rashes. This is a great anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating means. Its components interact with proteins at the molecular level, causing the dermis loses its elasticity, preserves the natural water balance, accelerates the flow of blood, the skin regains its original, healthy appearance. Zinc promotes the formation of new cells and acts as a great antibacterial agent.

It should be noted that the gel is odourless and when applied on the affected areas is quickly absorbed without leaving traces on clothes.

Indications for use

Before using, you need to learn the specifics of its application.

  • Regeln gel is recommended by dermatologists to treat a variety of skin redness, acne, acne, dermatitis, seborrhea.
  • In cosmetology also used for recovery of damaged skin after exposure to laser.

The indications may be extended after consultation of the cosmetician.

Usage instructions

In the prevention drug is used several times a week. After exposure to the skin by the laser, the gel is applied once a day for up to one week. For treatment of the rash should apply it to affected areas at least two times a day techenie1.2 — 2 months. It must be applied on dry skin until completely absorbed, then the effect will be fully achieved. Not recommended continuous treatment for more than 2 months.

With a little problem of skin used as an independent drug, which may spare the epidermis from damage. Regeln from acne does not act immediately, but after a few weeks the effect will be good. In complicated and severe cases experts recommend its use in combination with other drugs, such as antibiotics.

Sometimes the means become to combat age-related changes. Regeln of wrinkles can be effective as tools specifically designed to address these issues. However, if the goal is to refresh the skin, remove minor defects, you can try to use it a couple of weeks. Low price (just over 100 rubles. for a 15-gram tube) also attracts.


Be sure to familiarize yourself with the basic contraindications to avoid harm to health.

  • You can't use with asthma, with hypersensitivity and Allergy to any ingredients of the drug.
  • It is prohibited to use in severe burns, especially chemical, in the presence of a severe illnesses and incurable diseases of the body.
  • During pregnancy and lactation gel is prescribed by a doctor only when absolutely necessary because there is nodata about the exact impact of its components on the health of mother and child.

If in doubt whether you can apply the remedy, it is better not to experiment – ask a dermatologist.

Side effects

This medicine has no side effects for most people, but maybe pojavlenie redness and itching. If during the day they are not, the application of the gel should be discontinued. In rare cases, may occur severe allergic reaction.

Shelf life and proper storage

This drug should be stored no more than 2 years in a dry, dark place at temperatures not above 20°C and away from children and animals.

The advantages of gel Regeln

Regeln was developed by scientists and specialists of Russia as a preparation for the control of dermatological diseases primary and secondary gravity as antimicrobial, regenerating and healing agent.

He is a Hungarian equivalent of cream Fenistil. Price Regitine well below its foreign counterpart, and the effect of the use on the same high level.

The composition was designed specifically for a certain country that made this gel is essential for most people who suffer from permanent or periodic problems with the skin.

The almost total absence of contraindications makes this drug an excellent remedy to eliminate seborrhea, dermatitis, acne, redness and acne. It is widely used in cosmetics where it is applied for levelling of the skin, prevent acne and after the procedure laser correction the body for fast and effective elimination of inflammation, redness, and small scars.

Regeln is a great product for solving skin problems that has an ideal composition for the prevention and treatment of acne, seborrhea, dermatitis and acne, and should be a compulsory cure in the medicine Cabinet of every person.