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Recipes masks out of clay for oily skin — my personal experience

maski iz kosmeticheskoj glinyHi all. Today I would like to tell you about cosmetic clay. This is a pretty simple tool has a tremendous effect on the skin, and given it more than a democratic price, it is simply indispensable in the care of problem skin.

Starting from their own experience, I can say that the best masks for oily skin than a mask of cosmetic clay, perhaps, does not exist.

It is sold in different colors, each suited for a specific skin type, and different purposes. The most common are white, blue, black and red. I personally, having tried almost all the species that are able to get settled on white and blue, they are the best fit for my skin. We will talk about the varieties of clay a little later.

Clay used a variety of beauty companies in drugstores and beauty supply stores you can buy a premade clay mask with a variety of additives, and means including clay (often white — kaolin, it is generally very prevalent). However, in my opinion, much more effective and, moreover, the cheaper is the ordinary clay mask, its what I recommend you to use.

It has a really great impact on problem skin: absorbs excess sebum, tightens pores, exfoliates the Horny layer of the skin, which is quite important when fighting acne, and also evens the complexion and eliminates irritation.

How to prepare a mask of cosmetic clay

The clay is sold in powder form, which before use to be mixed with water and bring to the desired consistency.
I do so:

  1. I poured the required amount of powder in a small convenient container (a bowl, for example). Personally, I like to apply the clay is quite thick, so I use about two teaspoons of powder. The first few times you stop and one teaspoon with a slide.
  2. Next, you need to add a little water to the dry clay, and stirring to bring it to the consistency of thick cream. To full teaspoon of powder needed approximately one teaspoon of water. The first time you might not be able to make a mask of the correct density, but experience with this the problem will remain in the past.
  3. Did? Now apply the paste on the face evenly, can not be afraid to dirty hair, because the clay is very useful for them. Mask should be kept on your face about 15-20 minutes to dry until it does not take crust.
  4. After that, it should be washed off with warm water. Also, very useful will soft sponge, which will help flush debris as well as cleanse the face of dead skin particles and flaking.

By the way, clay, any kind, pretty significantly dry skin, so after application, the person must apply a moisturizer.

The mask is recommended to do every 2-3 days. Often is not necessary.

There are many options for making masks from clay, from simple dilution with water, to add essential oils, hydrogen peroxide, milk, and other various components. In my opinion, most of such methods do not bring any additional performance. However, having tried many variants of making masks, I was convinced of the existence of a very effective variation of the ordinary clay facial at home" href="http://acne.vsebolezni.com/golubaya-i-belaya-glina-ot-pryshhej-maski-iz-gliny-v-domashnix-usloviyax.html">masks clay – mask with the addition of sea salt. The past six months, I do it regularly and very pleased with the exerted effect.

Sea salt mask has the property of effectively dissolving the upper Horny layer of the skin, which is often one of the main causes of acne. She also significantly reduce new pimples.

To prepare such mask is needed ordinary sea salt, which you can buy at any pharmacy. It could even be bath salts, but to see that it was a natural salt without all sorts of colors and flavors.

Before preparing the mask dissolve in the glass of half a teaspoon of salt, adding 2-3 teaspoons of water, stirring until no longer salt crystals. I recommend the first few times, especially not to be zealous, and to add a little bit a lesser amount of salt, to see how your skin will accept this mask. After application, again, do not forget to apply a moisturizer, as the clay tends to dry the skin.

I do not recommend to add sea salt to the black clay, which is pretty aggressive by itself. Also with caution this mask should do the owners of very sensitive skin, because of possible irritation.

Overall, I can record yourself in the fans of the beauty of clay: more than two years ' experience in the application of such masks says only their positive properties. So I strongly recommend you try – it has very good effects on troubled skin. What are the different types of clay and which is right for you, we will discuss in the next article.