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What to do if the language of the acne will determine the cause and method of treatment

pryshi na yazykeBecause our mouth is an open door for bacteria and microorganisms, not to avoid the occurrence of different kinds of inflammations on the gums and tongue. One of these diseases can be pimples on the tongue, causing extreme discomfort, as they hinder not only to chew and swallow food, and even talk.

Where are the pimples?

Inflammation of the surface of the tongue in medicine is called glossitis. In fact, on the surface of language has no sebaceous glands, so acne on it, in the usual sense of the word, can not be. But appearing as "bumps" or nodes is very similar to the rash of pimples, in common parlance they are called "pimples". If it is not treated glossitis looks like fungoid growths, occupying a large surface area. In addition, the language itself becomes larger, there is some swelling.

The main reasons

Appearance of pimples on the tongue or under it may be due to different reasons.

  1. An improper diet. Too much spicy, hot food as well as alcohol use and Smoking can cause inflammation.
  2. Allergic reaction. Acne can be a signal to the body that any products or toothpaste is not good for him.
  3. Mechanical damages. Such inflammation often occur due to careless bite your tongue or damage while eating (for example, after clicking seeds or chips).
  4. Pathology of internal organs. At first glance, harmless pimples can be the consequence of candidiasis and even tuberculosis. So if they don't disappear for a long time, be sure to get tested at the doctor! The testing of blood in order to "uncover" the reasons for this, it would seem, discomfort is not worth the many effort and money, but can help to start treatment in time of serious illness.
  5. Stomatitis. Red or white pimple on the tongue can be a sign of stomatitis. Usually, stomatitis affects children, due to the fact that they are studying different subjects, pulling them right in the mouth.
  6. The herpes simplex virus. It can cause a rash not only in the area around the lips, but also on the tongue.

How to treat?

Whatever the causes of pimples on tongue or under it, to deal with them will be easier if you have a strong immune system. He will not allow the development of inflammation, speaking a kind of barrier. Why take drugs that improve your immune system.

  • Will facilitate the condition of the use of oils rosehip and peach, as well as rinse the mouth soda solution and decoctions of herbs: St. John's wort, sage, celandine.
  • If the cause of the rash is the mouth, causing a thick layer of toothpaste or honey on the affected surface will help get rid of the discomfort.Old known remedy our grandmothers used to treat stomatitis, is a jam from the petals of a tea rose.
  • If the pimples arose as a result of mechanical impact, the best way to get rid of them is diet. Do not eat anything spicy, fried, and avoid hot food, not to irritate the surface of the tongue. Light soups will support the full recovery within several days. A little canto ease the paper napkin soaked in vodka. It needs to be applied to the surface of the tongue for a few minutes.
  • For the time being completely exclude from use a freshener for the mouth, lipstick, change toothpaste. This way you will be able to know whether the rash on tongue allergic reaction to your usual cosmetic or sanitary products.