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Why do I get pimples on my temples and forehead and how to treat them?

pryshi na viskahPimples on the temples... How many tears were shed because of these hated "enemies", how many drugs were used, how many hopes crashing in the hope of finding a miracle cure. Meanwhile, acne people suffering for a long time, and almost all of the world's population carries the disease in various forms. They can appear basically on any part of the body, harassing its very existence and poisoning the life of even the optimists.
Of course, most unpleasant of all the presence of acne on the face. But it turns out they appear, finding the most vulnerable area. Whiskey is one of the favorite places.

The main causes of acne on temples and forehead

The human skin covers the so-called sebaceous glands. They have a very important function is production of specific fatty secretions, which nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin. If it was not leather would be deprived of natural protection. But it often happens that sebum becomes more or less than expected. And then appear on the skin inflammation. It's a great environment for various microorganisms. Pores, clogged with fat – a cozy nest for bacteria, their nutrition and reproduction. That's what leads to pimples.

When fat comes to the surface of the skin duct, it darkens, forming blackheads (in other words – "black spots". And to get rid of them is not so easy. Often skin the secret remains in the pores, forming a solid ball. It's called a closed comedo. Fat is accumulated, output... it is not So provokes inflammation and pimples arise.

Why on temples?

The skin on my temples is thin, often framed by hair which also accumulates dirt and dust – these factors aggravate the situation. Inflammation quickly goes to the neighboring areas. If the hair covers the head – the skin does not get sufficient cleansing even if you regularly wash. In winter the situation gets worse, as hats also affect this part of the head. Erased and caps and berets, as you know, infrequently. Accumulating on your cap dirt can cause diffuse inflammation at the temples. Cold outside and dry air indoors dry skin, exacerbating the situation. Provocateurs can also be headphones from a music player or ear pieces of glasses.

Adolescents have pimples on my temples and forehead can occur due to natural age-related changes during puberty, stress, excess fatty secretions of the sebaceous glands. Boys and girls often without thinking, touching unwashed hands to the temples – hence the appearance of micro inflammation that tend to spread.

Pimples on the temples at an early age can be attributed to puberty, but after 30 years with disturbing symptoms need to be examined fully. Skin is the mirror of the internal condition of the body, its imbalances, and the number of violations of many organs. In adults, acne on the temporal part can be called diseases of the endocrine system, disorders of hormonal levels, a variety of disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract. Doctors often mention problems with the liver and gallbladder, when talking about the pimples on my temples. So pay attention to other possible symptoms pointing to disease of these organs.

By the way, the use of cosmetics and improper diet, contrary to popular belief, are not the root causes of acne. They can only provoke them, if you have health problems.

Effective treatment

Treatment is based on the knowledge of the causes of acne and age. After a full examination, you will know for sure what is wrong in the body. If theythe appearance was caused by the changes of adolescence, in this case, help beautician. He will hold a cosmetic cleaning. It includes several stages:

  1. Steaming the skin with gel or steam;
  2. Exfoliation scrubs;
  3. Proper cleaning – blackheads are removed manually or by applying special masks. They are of various composition, and a beautician explain what is the advantage of a particular method, choose the appropriate components;
  4. Hydration of the skin.

According to testimony in complex treatments may include physiotherapy and cryomassage. But care in the salon is not enough. To maintain the effect to prevent the appearance of new pimples and to remove stains from the existing inflammation, need special care at home. Now in the fight against acne, many pharmaceutical companies produce a huge Arsenal of tools – tonics, lotions, emulsions, creams , etc. do Not forget about the folk remedies, they are often quite effective. The same beautician will advise you on the best tool and suggest whether to buy cosmetics.

What you can do yourself to get rid of acne on the temples

  1. To pass the examination. If there is some pathology in the internal organs need to begin their treatment. But remember – here is a snapshot of the result will be, you need to take the full course and not to give up;
  2. Limit spicy foods and sugars, the selection of a proper diet. Rejection of some products may help you in the fight against acne – think maybe the culprits is beloved by you fatty sauce, or spicy pizza?
  3. Observance of hygiene of the face and hair (but not overdo it – the erosion of the protective layer of the skin, you open up access to bacteria). ;
  4. Frequent washing hats;
  5. Wearing glasses is RUB – down handles disinfectant.
  6. Do not touch with dirty hands temples. By the way, this applies to the entire body. Wash your hands often, do not touch without reason the person every 5 minutes. You think that's no big deal – but believe me, the germs of an entirely different opinion.

Thus, to get rid of acne on the temples is possible. You must be firmly committed to achieving this by finding out the causes of disease and, of course, follow the instructions of a cosmetologist. Try to follow the General state of the organism – then not only the face will delight you with wonderful result, you will notice the improvement and other existing problems.