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Pimples on lips: why they appear and how to treat them

prysh na gubeLips — perhaps the most noticeable area of the face. It is proved that in 70% of cases people look at the lips of the interlocutor. Therefore, no matter how expressive or makeup, and no matter how bright the decorations, if there were a pimple on your lip, it is, of course, spoils the appearance. In addition, pimples on the lips creates some discomfort: burning sensation and itching. They get injured when eating, and this can lead to additional infection. Usually, women try to hide these rashes with the help of lipstick. But it is, in fact, not only does not help and gives my lips even more sore, but can cause inflammation and aggravate the disease.

The main causes of pimples on lips

  1. Clogging of skin pores around the lips can lead to the fact that there are whiteheads.In this case, you can use all the cosmetics or natural good, in order to make cleaning of the face, including skin around the lips and open the pores for your skin to breathe. An example of such a mask can be a mask of oatmeal, ground in a coffee grinder, with the addition of baking soda in a percentage of 2:1. The dry mixture is diluted with warm boiled water to a pulp and applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off the mask with warm water.
  2. Rash under or above the lip can be an allergic reaction to your cosmetics. Thus arise such rash may not immediately after you began to use it. Allergens tend to accumulate in the skin, and then to manifest that way.
  3. If you have a tendency to acne, climate change, care for the skin, changes in diet and even stress can trigger acne, which are "love" to occur in the area around the lips.
  4. And finally, the most frequent and common cause of pimples on the lips is the herpes virus. This virus is very crafty and "tricky." He has the ability to hide its existence in the body until the moment when there will be favorable conditions for rashes. Basically, these conditions are associated with decreased immunity after illness, hypothermia, exhaustion. So if you know that you are a carrier of the herpes virus, avoid the appearance of acne, taking immunomodulatory drugs regularly.

How to fight?

If you determine the cause of the acne, naturally, will be able to defeat them. We need, first and foremost, to eliminate all beauty products that can be allergenic for you. It's not just about creams and masks purchased in a beauty shop. An allergic reaction can cause and lipstick. Therefore, the new cosmetics should be used carefully. If you have a tendency to allergies, the best solution will mask from natural ingredients, cooked right in your kitchen. We are surrounded by many useful products, vegetables, fruits and herbs that can be successfully used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

And if it is herpes?

Herpetic eruptions appear in the form of a group of small watery pimples. To fight them is important, not the fact that every day, even every hour. Herpes rash is easier to win at a nascent stage, then the treatment will take place quickly and without consequences.

Lubricate the pimples should be every 1-2 hours.Great fight with such rash ointment "Zovirax", "Root", "Acyclovir" and the like. If you have not found any of them in the home medicine Cabinet, not worse cope with the task and the usual earwax. She will spread the rash further.