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Pimples and external factors — my personal experience

lichnaya gigiena i pryshiHello! Today I would like to talk about the external factors that provoke acne. To touch on mostly I would like the mechanical factors as well as personal hygiene.

In the history of my struggle with acne has been a case that directly with the acne itself, and not related, but he has played a very significant role in changing my relationship to provoke rash factors, and their importance, as well as in the elimination of acne in General.

The fact that I was from an early age I had some breathing problems. Overall, nothing serious, but the discomfort accompanied me constantly, up to the point that I'll tell you.

Even as a child I was torn adenoids, those, who faced with this problem, you know that thing is not pleasant, especially in the two thousandth, with the use of "artisanal methods" of treatment. Now, the operation to remove the adenoids used to be, roughly speaking, the following picture: the doctor puts the forceps up your nose and pulling out there disagreeable to him of education. Thanks to the conducted in childhood the surgery, I got a deviated septum, which greatly complicates normal breathing.

How is this related to acne? Read. When I decided on a septoplasty (surgery to correct a deviated septum), I had to go through many tests, including various allergies. After receiving the results of such tests, I found out that I had "Allergy pillows", but rather on their feathers fill, and dwell therein microorganisms. I was forced to replace conventional feather pillow, the pillow filler is silicone. After that was done, I with a pleasant surprise began to observe a decrease in the number of lesions on his face.

Now, if you have a feather pillow, go and hit her a couple of times. Yeah, yeah, hit it to the floor and see how much dust flies out of it. See? Now, think about the microorganisms living inside pillows, ticks and other creatures of mother nature. Think about whether it makes sense for the regular replacement of the pillow cases on the net, unless of course you do, with such delights in the middle of the cushion. I do not like? I suspect not.

I strongly suggest everyone who suffers from acne, sleep on feather pillows. Buy a good silicone cushion, it is not worth a lot of money, but brings much less hassle and problems.

Also worth noting, though, I think this is not a revelation to anyone that needs to regularly change the pillowcases. I do it every 2 days. Wonder why it needs to be done? The fact that none of us was asleep still, and for night face constantly rubs against the pillowcase. The mechanical effect causes head pimples are opened, and the pus, which is a huge amount of provoking the appearance of acne bacteria, pounded on a cloth pillowcase, and then is spread across the skin. Because of this and increased risk in the morning to discover on the face of a new unexpected guest, as the bacteria, which and pimples, get on clean skin, and cause new inflammation.

It is worth noting that acne is desirable to minimize any mechanical impact on the skin. You should ensure that your clothes are not touched, and do not RUB the face.

And, most importantly, do not put your hands to your face throughout the day! Forget about the habit of rubbing href="http://acne.vsebolezni.com/prichiny-poyavleniya-pryshhej-na-lbu-i-kak-izbavitsya-ot-nix.html">LOBto support the face, scratching him and so on. These actions you just did rubbed provoking acne bacteria that live on your skin, and all kinds of dirt from unwashed hands into the sebaceous glands. Needless to say the consequences?

Don't forget about regular cleansing of the face. Selection for a cleanser that is perfectly suited for you, the process is not simple. Through trial and error needed to choose the best option for washing gel or soap that will effectively cleanse your face from the products of secretion of the sebaceous glands and cosmetics. Of course, the tool should not have any disagreeable effect or overdry your skin.

However, to overdo it with the washings is not worth it. The best would be washing 2-3 a day. In the morning after waking and in the evening, in the middle of the day – at your discretion. More frequent washing will only cause the death of the beneficial microflora of the skin and will lead to more activity of the sebaceous glands.

Friends, adhering to these simple rules of hygiene you can greatly improve your skin condition – check for yourself. Yes, and a full, effective treatment is impossible without observance of such subsidiary nuances that are of great importance in the fight against acne.